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Healthy Relationships

2 women on a couch
Wouldn’t it be nice if each relationship came with its own user manual to help us navigate through the rough spots? Keeping a relationship healthy is not always easy. Add the challenges that come with one or both partners being in the military. That can be an even bigger challenge!

The Healthy Relationships resources provide all kinds of helpful tips to CAF members and their families on how to navigate through their everyday relationships. Whether your relationship is healthy or struggling, you’ll find plenty of information here.

Our tip sheets can help you learn how to: 

  • Check your relationship’s health along the Intimate Relationships Continuum; 
  • Strengthen your relationship if you’re a dual service couple; 
  • Keep your relationship happy and resilient when relocating; 
  • Express anger in a healthy way;  
  • Support a friend who’s experiencing an unhealthy relationship or family violence; and 
  • Create a safety plan for yourself or a friend.
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