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Set Your Bar - What is your story?

Staying fit is essential in the Canadian Armed Forces. How you stay motivated to achieve your fitness goals is unique to every military member. Get inspired by these success stories.

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Andrew’s story

Meet Master Corporal Andrew Warnell who overcame a personal struggle to get fit and meet his goals while motivating those around him.

Andrew’s story is one of a struggle with his health that leads him to setting aside his fitness. Getting back into an active lifestyle allows him to feel better, achieve his fitness goals, be there for his family and help motivate and be an example for other members.

Luka’s story

Meet Captain Luka Normandin, an officer, a husband, a father and someone who leads by example.

Luka makes fitness part of a healthy, active lifestyle; realizing that he feels better, is an example for those he leads and that he can have fun and be with his family while being active.

Lindsay’s story

Meet Major Lindsay Jackson, an Army officer who wanted to ensure she was fit and could lead from the front.

Lindsay’s story is one of overcoming challenge, never giving up and leading others by example. With her own fitness goals and wanting to show rather than tell her troops she leads and motivates others.

Laura’s story

Meet Sergeant Laura Frey who used fitness to help her deal with loss and to get her to a better place mentally and physically.

Laura’s story is one of being true to one’s self, weight loss and achieving goals but also about how physical health can affect mental health. Her story is about overcoming loss by focusing on healthy goals, about realizing its okay to take care of yourself and that she was worth it.

Phillippe’s story

Meet MCpl Phillippe Martineau, a Canadian Armed Forces member who fits fitness into a busy work and family life.

Phillippe’s journey is one of striving to challenge himself and to always achieving more. He finds time with his work and his family commitments to train as a competitive triathlete. He works hard to meet his personal goals as well as being a role model for his colleagues.

Matthew’s story

Meet Leading Seaman Matt O’Flynn who went from weighing 400lbs to a RCN diver.

Matthew’s journey began after a trip to Banff. He saw others being active and doing things that he was unable to do. He weighed 400lbs and was unhealthy. He set a goal, began taking steps, like replacing junk food with salads, and started getting active. He stayed focused; he stayed motivated and worked hard. He still works hard and now proudly wears a Navy uniform. Listen to his story.

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