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Working in Europe

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Get ready to work in Europe. Learn about documentation, visas and security clearance required for employment, available jobs with MFS, PSP, NATO, NATEX, and career training resources for Canadian military youth and spouses. 

Prepare to work in Europe

Get ready to work in Europe – 3 steps

Training programs

Discover career training for military spouses and youth posted in Europe

  • Find a great job in Europe with this online training series
    Access videos to help you improve your job search in Europe, write a resume and cover letter that wows employers and interview for career that aligns with your passion and expertise.
  • For CAF Youth: Get real-life work experience
    Apply to the Youth Employment Preparation (YEP) Program to get real-life workplace training and employment opportunities in Europe. 

    Youth Employment Preparation Program - Registration 2023-2024
    Youth Employment Preparation Program - General Information 2023-2024

    Eligibility: Open to youth, aged 15-21, dependents of CAF members and support personnel posted in Europe. Canadian Armed Forces support personnel posted in Europe. 

    Gain the knowledge, skills and experience to make a successful transition into the labour market. 
    Move through a 4-step program:
    Training Application Work Experience Evaluation
    • Mandatory virtual training sessions or assignements
    • Distinctive and progressive training for all participants
    • Multiple assignments
    • Completion of MFS job application and screening process
    • Meaningful work experience
    • Employers serving Canadian communities
    • Paid summer employment
    • Continuous job performance evaluation
    • Program evaluation
    • Lessons learned

    Details on eligibility
    1. Must be a dependent of Canadian Armed Forces members and Canadian Armed Forces Support personnel stationed in Europe:
    a. Dependent is defined by NMR Directive 002/14, therefore eligible for NATO SOFA status 
    2. Youth between 15 to 21 years-old
    a. Must be 16 by the start of the work term and can work only up to your 21st birthday
    3. The applicant cannot be a diplomatic dependent, e.g. CDA or MPSS dependents. 
    4.. A Canadian citizen, cannot have dual citizenship in the country of employment and does not have dual citizenship in a “non-NATO” country. 
    5. Currently enrolled in full-time studies for the school year 2021-2022 and returning to full-time studies for the school year 2022-2023. The student can be enrolled in full-time studies in Canada, abroad or by distance. 

    *If you are still unclear about your eligibility for the program, verify your host nation's regulations on employment. Reach out to your local orderly room or contact us as we may be able to provide more guidance or direction on where you can acquire more detailed information.

    Please contact our Employment, Education and Training Programs Coordinator for additional information.