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Natasha's Wood Foundation

Where children's wishes, dreams and stories unfold

The Natasha's Wood Foundation has been providing funding to the PSP day camp every summer to host a special art project day. During this day, campers engage in activities that are centred around the character and stories from Natasha's Wood. These activities not only provide a creative outlet for the campers but also help them connect with the characters and their values, promoting a sense of community and inclusion. This experience is particularly significant for children from military families, who may face unique challenges and stressors associated with frequent relocations and deployments of their loved ones. By offering a space for self-expression and fostering positive relationships, the art project day enhances the day camp experience, providing an opportunity for children to have fun, build resilience, and strengthen their social and emotional well-being.

The Foundation supports Scholarships, an illustration contest and activities for children who are relocating to other communities.  You can also shop on their website, proceeds of the sales of their children's book go to Support Our Troops.

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