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Medically Releasing CAF Members

General resources for medically releasing CAF members and their families.  

This information may also be found in the  Veteran Family Journal 

Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program

Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program (CFMAP) is a voluntary and confidential service, initiated by the CAF to help members (Regular Force, all Reserve Class Members, Cadets and Veterans) and family members who have personal concerns that affect their personal well-being and/or work performance. CFMAP can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at: 1-800-268-7708, Teletypewriter: 1-800-567-5803

Case Management

Case Management Services are provided by Canadian Forces Health Services (CFHS) and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) to those transitioning out of the CAF. The purpose of this partnership is to ensure seamless support during the administrative processes related to the release. 

  • CAF Nurse Case Management
    The Nurse Case Management Programis designed to help eligible CAF members identify and access health, pension and other related resources while ensuring continuity of care. Nurse Case Management is available at most CAF medical clinics. For more information contact your local base medical clinic.

The Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group

In coordination with its valued partners, the Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group (CAF TG) will deliver personalized, professional, and standardized casualty support and transition services to CAF members and their families to enable seamless transition and enhanced well-being, with special attention provided to ill and injured personnel, their families and the families of the deceased.
CAF TG headquarters is located in Ottawa, with 9 regional Transition Units and 32 Transition Centres located across the country. The role of the new Transition Group is to ensure that CAF members and their families begin to think about transition early in their careers, to provide education and training on what transition comprises, and to deliver services, based on recognized domains of wellbeing. The end goal is to have all members and their families informed, prepared, and empowered for a successful transition when the time comes, in order to give them the opportunity to maximize their potential.

Soldier On

Soldier On is a program of the Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group and is committed to supporting veterans and serving members to adapt and overcome permanent physical or mental health injury or illness through physical activity and sport.
Soldier On is recognized for improving the quality of life of the ill and injured and is a highly visible and integral component of the Department of National Defence, and the Canadian Armed Forces’ commitment to the care of ill and injured members.

Veterans Affairs Canada Case Management  

Veterans Affairs Canada offers case management services to former CAF members, Veterans, RCMP and their families who may be finding it difficult to navigate life challenges, transitions, coping with a serious illness or an adjustment to a loss of a career or a loved one.

Casualty Support

Casualty Support provides support services to families and next of kin of serving and retired members of the CAF who are ill, injured or deceased.

Second Career Assistance Network

Members and their families are invited to attend a Second Career Assistance Network (SCAN) seminar. A SCAN seminar is a two-day general information session designed to provide members with a combination of the various and current procedures, services and benefits they may experience during their transition from the military to post-service life. This seminar is relevant to all members preparing for release, regardless of release motives.
There is also a one day Medical Information seminar available to members and their families/spouses. This seminar is available to all members being medically released, members on a temporary or permanent medical category, and to senior leadership. Please inquire through your local Chain of Command.

Health and well-being

Provincial Medical Resources

Medical resources specific to each province. Contact your nearestMFRC for local information, as they may have programs in place to further assist you.

Provincial Health Card

When transitioning into the civilian medical system, each province issues a provincial health card. When accessing health services in Canada each patient must carry their own provincial health card. It is necessary to have a health card to ensure smooth transition to civilian medical services. For medically-releasing members the releasing unit may be able to assist in this application process.

Career Transition

Compensation and Benefits

Testaments, Wills and Estate Planning

Below are links to provincial justice and legal websites. When it comes to testaments, wills and estate planning, each province has similar yet different rules:
*Military wills may not be valid after release.