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CAF Sports Honour Roll

The CAF Sports Honour Roll follows the Hall of Fame as the second-highest honour in the CAF Sports Awards Program. The CAF Honour Roll recognizes athletes, coaches, officials and administrators who have distinguished themselves through high-calibre athletic performance or longstanding contribution to sports.
2023Major Shawn Duffy, Hockey (Athlete) 
Warrant Officer Céline Picotin, Hockey (Athlete) 
Master Warrant Officer Guy Thivierge, Hockey (Athlete) 
Lieutenant-colonel Marcelo Plada, Soccer (Athlete and Coach)  

No ceremony held / No recipient   

Captain B. Lafontaine, Hockey (Coach)
Sergeant D. Poulin, Multisports (Athlete)
Lieutenant-Colonel B. Jarvis, Biathlon (Official)
Major J. Kim, Taekwondo (Athlete)
Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) W.S. Molaski, Hockey (Athlete)
Petty Officer, 2nd class M.G.N Simard, Badminton (Athlete)
Corporal R. Simard, Badminton (Athlete)
Lieutenant-Colonel E.E. Smith, Multi-sports (Athlete and Contributor)
Lieutenant-Colonel E.J. Travis, Triathlon (Athlete and Contributor)
Sergeant T. Cameron, Golf (Athlete)
Chief Warrant Officer C. Faucher, Track and Field (Athlete)
Captain (Retired) G. Lacoursiere, Powerlifting (Athlete)
Major C. Palavicino, Soccer (Official)
Major D. Trudel, Athletic Therapy (Builder)
Major S. Faucher, Track and Field (Athlete)
Sergeant I. Karin Volleyball (Athlete)
Warrant Officer (Retired) S. Porier, Fastball (Athlete)
Warrant Officer C. Arsenault, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Major D. Crumback, Athletic Therapy (Builder)
Sergeant C. Marmen, Running (Athlete)
Major (Retired) R. Stakes, Hockey (Official)
Major J. Sullivan, Multi-sports (Athlete and Official)
 Lieutenant-Commander (Retired) I. Axford, Multi-sports (Athlete)
 Master Warrant Officer (Retired) R. Bergeron, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
 Warrant Officer C. Lapensée, Multi-sports (Athlete)
 Major C. Lowdon, Golf (Athlete)
 Sergeant (Retired) B. Pearce, Multi-sports (Athlete)
 Lieutenant (Navy) W. Sarty, Arm Wrestling (Athlete)
Master Warrant Officer M. Gervais, Badminton (Athlete)
Captain K. El Seweify, Squash (Athlete)
Major J. Boland, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Chief Warrant Officer T. Stuckless, Golf (Athlete) 
Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) J. Taylor, Running (Athlete) 
Chief Warrant Officer (Retired) G. Williams, Triathlon (Athlete and Builder) 
Captain M. Kristy, Multi-sports (Athletic Trainer) 
Lieutenant-Commander J. Lawton, Triathlon (Builder) 
Warrant Officer P. Murphy, Hockey (Coach and Builder) 
Sergeant (Retired) D. Regan, Hockey (Official)
Leading Seaman T. Desgroseilliers, Soccer (Official)
Sergeant A. Leblanc, Running (Athlete)
Lieutenant Commander M. Lewis, Soccer (Athlete)
Master Warrant Officer (Retired) B. Richardson, Multi-sports (Official)
Captain (Retired) K. Dulude, Basketball (Athlete)
Sergeant (Retired) L. Gibson, Multi-sports (Official/Builder) 
Captain M. Ouellet, Multi-sports (Athlete/Builder) 
Sergeant (Retired) D. Phillips, Soccer (Athlete/Coach) 
Sergeant J. Sandall, Shooting (Athlete/Coach)
No Inductee
Major T. Hiscock, Running (Athlete)
Master Corporal (Retired) F. Nadon, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Lieutenant-Colonel J.G. Levesque, Biathlon (Builder)
Major C. Roy, Multi-Sports (Athlete)
Master Warrant Officer M. Rhéaume, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Sergeant (Retired) R. Sneath, Hockey (Athlete)
Private (Retired) E. Simard, Track and Field (Athlete)
Lieutenant-Commander (Retired) D. Molinari, Soccer (Builder) 
Sergeant A. Mayhew, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Captain L. Gilbert, Volleyball (Athlete)
Master Warant Officer (Retired) A. Gil, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Master Corporal S. Bate, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Master Warrant Officer (Retired) W.F. Rostek, Track and Field (Athlete)
Warrant Officer (Retired) P. Best, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Lieutenant Colonel A. Markewicz, Shooting (Athlete)
Major (Retired) G. McIntosh, Women's Sports (Builder)
Warrant Officer D. Oakie, Shooting (Athlete)
Major (Retired) M. Phillips, Multi-sport (Athlete)
Sergeant (Retired) B.J. Plante, Multi-sport (Athlete)
Sergeant (Retired) D. Rothermund, Soccer (Athlete)
Lieutenant Commander C. Souchereau, Squash (Athlete)
Captain (Retired) C. Weatherdon, Shooting (Builder)
Captain C. André, Badminton (Athlete)
Master Warrant Officer (Retired) B. Burrows (Official)
Brigadier-General P. Holt, Nijmegen March 
Lieutenant-Commander M. Melnychuk, Squash (Athlete)
Warrant Officer E. A. Rowe, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Warrant Officer (Retired) C. Tetarenko, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Warrant Officer B. Turcotte, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Chief Warrant Officer J. Quilty, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Commander R. Girard, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Sergeant L. Chassé, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Master Warrant Officer C. Rafuse, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Sergeant M. Ayotte, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Lieutenant (N) (Retired) J. Power, Squash (Athlete)
Major (Retired) J.-P. Toupin, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Sergeant (Retired) D. Gagnon, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Sergeant M.C.P.A. Leboeuf, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Major J.D.A. Corbeil, Curling (Athlete)
Master Corporal D. Campaigne, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Sergeant C.G. Mansfield, Boxing (Athlete)
Sergeant (Retired) W. Thornhill, Soccer (Coach)
Staff Sergeant (Retired) R. Cathline, Shooting (Athlete)
Lieutenant (N) C. Dufton, Athletic Trainer 
Brigadier-General (Retired) W.D. Whitaker, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Captain (Retired) P. Dorion, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Master Corporal T.G. Murphy, Running (Athlete) 
Master Corporal S. Lapalme, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Sergeant A. Rivard, Badminton (Athlete)
Major J.E. MacDonald, Squash (Athlete)
Sergeant P. Lessard, Hockey (Athlete)
Master Corporal D.M. Hamilton, Multi-sports (Athlete)
Warrant Officer J. MacKenzie, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
Chief Petty Officer 1st Class E. McSweeny, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
Lieutenant-Colonel K.C. Garbutt, Basketball (Official)
Corporal D.J.G. Cloutier, Running (Athlete) 
Sergeant R. Bowe, Hockey (Athlete) 
Sergeant M. Lucas, Hockey (Coach)
Master Corporal J.P. Burns, Boxing (Athlete) 
Petty Officer 2nd Class A.G. Peden, Shooting (Athlete) 
Captain R. Hartnett, Running (Builder)
Major D. Menard, Running (Builder)
CISM Women's Triathlon Team, Triathlon
CISM Men's Soccer Team, Soccer 
Sergeant K. McDonald, Volleyball (Athlete) 
Major E.H. Morris, Curling (Athlete) 
Major A.V. Ettinger, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
Major G.R. Buchanan, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
Sergeant D.R.C. Molloy, Judo (Athlete) 
Corporal J.A. Vincent, Shooting (Athlete) 
Sergeant H.E. Warrington, Track and Field (Athlete) 
Captain B.A. Harrison, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
Captain A.G. Charlton, Triathlon (Athlete)
Chief Warrant Officer J.M. Livingstone, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
Chief Warrant Officer J. MacNeil, Boxing (Athlete) 
Sergeant J.E. Daigle, Shooting (Athlete) 
Corporal R.A. Herrington, Boxing (Athlete) 
Brigadier-General R. Martineau, Taekwondo (Builder)
Chief Warrant Officer R. Desruisseaux, Volleyball (Athlete) 
4 Service Battalion, Tug of War 
Captain W. McAllister, Soccer (Coach)
Master Corporal J.A. Arbour, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
Leading Seaman G. White, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
Private C. Petit, Boxing (Athlete) 
Corporal P.F. Stein, Boxing (Athlete) 
Captain S.J. Siew, Cricket (Builder)
Major G. Kennedy, Skeet Shooting (Athlete) 
Major D. McLeod, Hockey (Builder) 
Major S. Gebhardt, Hockey (Athlete) 
Flight Sergeant T. Deacon, Hockey (Athlete) 
Sergeant M. Takahashi, Judo (Athlete) 
Captain F.R. Shanks, Boxing (Athlete) 
Sergeant G.W. Rattai, Biathlon (Athlete) 
Master Corporal J.E. Legacé, Multi-sports (Athlete) 
Warrant Officer G.A. Eichel, Boxing (Athlete) 
Lieutenant-Colonel D.M. Dean, Judo (Athlete)