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Accidental Dismemberment Insurance

No application is required. Serving members automatically receive lump-sum benefits for accidental dismemberment attributable to military service.

Trust in continuity of care

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces receive benefits if they have experienced accidental dismemberment or the loss of sight, speech or hearing, described in the Schedule of Indemnities, attributable to military service and occurred by way of accidental, external, and violent means.

Benefits are paid upon receipt of due proof, to the satisfaction of the Insurer, Manulife, that: 

  • injury occurred while the member was insured under this coverage; 
  • loss occurred within 365 days of the injury; and 
  • loss resulted directly and solely from the injury and independently of all other causes. 

 The Accidental Dismemberment Insurance Plan (ADIP) is available to: 

  • Regular Force 
  • Reserve Force on Class C Service 
  • Primary Reserve Force on Class A and B Service 
  • Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Services (COATS) 
  • Officer Cadets (OCdts) in the Reserve Entry Training Plan (RETP) 
  • Canadian Rangers (CR) 

Accidental Dismemberment Insurance

  • Am I eligible for ADIP coverage?
    Effective 13 February 2003, Regular Force, Reserve Force Class C, Primary Reserve Force Class A and B members and, effective 06 December 2012, COATS, RETP and Canadian Rangers are covered by the ADIP. Senior officers covered by the General Officers Insurance Plan (GOIP) or the Reserve GOIP are not eligible for ADIP benefits. 
  • What does "attributable to military" service mean? ​
    "Attributable to military service" is interpreted as meaning "arose out of or is directly connected with military service." While most injuries that occur while on duty are attributable to military service, the one does not necessarily follow the other. For instance, if a member was injured while on duty as a direct result of improper conduct, it should not be considered attributable to military service. On the other hand, an injury might occur while not on duty but as a result of the dangerous condition of military quarters, it could be considered attributable to service. 
  • How do I become insured?
    Coverage is automatic for all Regular Force, Reserve Force Class C, Primary Reserve Force Class A and B members, COATS, RETP and Canadian Rangers. No application form is necessary. 
  • In what instances will a loss not be covered by this ADIP policy?

    No ADIP benefit will be payable for any loss caused wholly or partly, directly or indirectly, by: 

    • Disease, or bodily or mental infirmity, or medical or surgical treatment thereof; 

    • Ptomaines or bacterial infections, except infection introduced through a visible wound accidentally sustained; 

    • Self-destruction or self-inflicted injury, whether mentally incapacitated or not; 

    • A service attributable loss that occurred prior to 13 February 2003; or

    • A service attributable loss that occurred prior to 6 December 2012 for COATS, Canadian Rangers and RETP.

  • Am I still covered by the Long Term Disability (LTD), administered by SISIP Financial, if I have an accidental dismemberment that is not attributable to military service?
    Yes. Under specific circumstances, you may be eligible to receive accidental dismemberment benefits under the LTD plan's dismemberment clause. There is no provision for a lump sum payment for accidental dismemberment in the LTD. 
  • What if I was injured while on duty but my loss occurred after the fact?
    You may receive the ADIP benefit if the loss occurred within 365 days of the injury and resulted directly and solely from the injury and independently of all other causes. 
  • Is the ADIP benefit a taxable benefit?
    The ADIP lump-sum payment benefit is not taxable to the claimants. However, the premium paid by the employer for the cost of the benefits area taxable premium 
  • Who pays the premiums?

    DND pays the ADIP premiums for Regular Force members (approximately $7 per member per year) and for Reserve Force Class C, Primary Reserve Force Class A and B members (approximately $3 per member per year). The premiums represent a taxable benefit for the CAF serving members residing in the province of Quebec and will be included on their T-4 slips. 
    Schedule of Indemnities 
    (in effect as of 06 December, 2012) 

    $250,000 of insurance for loss* of:
    • Both Hands 
    • Both Feet 
    • Sight of Both Eyes
    • One Hand and One Foot
    • One Hand and Sight of One Eye
    • One Foot and Sight of One Eye 
    • Hearing (bilateral) 
    • Speech ​ 
    $125,000 of insurance for loss* of:​  
    • Sight of One Eye
    • One Hand 
    • One Foot ​ 
    $62,500 of insurance for loss* of:​ 
    • Thumb and Index Finger of Same Hand 
    • Hearing (unilateral)​ 

     * "Loss" shall mean "total and irrecoverable loss". 
    * "Loss" as used above shall also mean "loss of use". 
    Note: The total amount payable for all losses suffered by any one member and resulting from any one accident shall not exceed the full amount of insurance. 
    Please note that in the case of conflict between the information on this page and the insurance contract Policy #906906, the terms of the English contract will prevail.  The documents posted on this website are provided for reference purposes only and shall not be considered to be definitive.