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Relocation Benefits

Know your benefits! Find links to compensation and benefits, articles about pay, leave, allowances, relocation, pension and health plan.

Canadian Armed Forces relocation directive

Core policy determining relocation benefits (web version).

Military Benefits (Department of National Defence) Includes links to Know your Benefits Compensation and Benefits Instruction (CBI), Leave Policy Manual, Relocation, Health and Dental Benefits, Death, Disability & Injury Benefits, Severance & Gratuities, Pensions, and Temporary Duty Travel Instructions.

Commander Military Personnel Command (CMPC) Benefits

  • The following link is only accessible to CAF members through the Defence Intranet: Commander Military Personnel Command (CMPC) Benefits. It includes internal links to DCBA contacts, Allowances, Compensation and Benefits instructions, Death and Disability, Dental Care Plan for CAF, Foreign Service, Leave, Public Service Health Care Plan, Rations and Quarters, Relocation Management, Reserve Force Compensation, Severances, Travel and Temporary Duty pages. 
  • See Relocation Management for links to CFIRP, Furniture and Effects Relocation Management (Pre-Move Information Booklet), CBI Chapter 208, FAQs (Intended Place of Residence), FAQs (outdated), Recourse Checklist, Relocation Flowchart, CFIRP Coordinators, Geographical Boundaries, PLD information, DGMC website.  

Compensation and Benefits Instructions (CBI) 

Post Living Differential Areas / Geographical Boundaries

The following link is only accessible to CAF members through the Defence Intranet: Post Living Differential Areas / Geographical Boundaries

CAF Relocation Coordinator

The following link is only accessible to CAF members through the Defence Intranet: CAF Relocation Coordinator scroll for link to CFIRP Coordinator List by base.

Accommodation and Car Rental Directory (PSPC) - City Rate Limits, Car Rental Information

Contingency Cost Moves for Personal Reasons, Compassionate Status and Compassionate Posting (DAOD 5003-6)

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