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Maintaining a family routine while your loved one is away can be emotionally exhausting. You may be focused on being strong for your loved one and for the children, if there are any. But it’s equally important to remember to take care of yourself. Your loved one is going to need you throughout the deployment period. They’ll also need you when they return and readjust to home life. This could include transition to the civilian sector or remaining on active duty.

It’s a good idea to plan for how you’ll cope with the distance and the strong emotions that may come with the deployment. It's essential that you acknowledge and honour your feelings. Create a space for expressing them. This can be with trusted friends or through writing or any other means of expression. Eating well and getting enough sleep are also essential. Ensuring that there’s plenty of both will help you fight the toll that chronic stress will have on your body.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. You will need to tend to your own needs as well as the needs of others. The following list of resources could help you while your family member is deployed.