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Women's Hockey

women playing hockey


ATLANTIC REGION: 29 January - 2 February 2024, Gagetown
CANADA WEST REGION: 28 January - 2 February 2024, Esquimalt 
ONTARIO REGION: 22 - 26 January 2024, Trenton 
QUEBEC REGION: 5 - 9 February 2024, Valcartier 


24 - 29 February 2024, Borden



N/A 2023


  • Major-General J.E.S. Boucher

    Major-General J.E.S. Boucher

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    Major-General J.E.S. Boucher
    2023 - present

    Major-General J.E.S. Boucher


    “Like many CAF members, sports has played an important role in my life since a young age.  Many of my best memories are associated with a hockey rink, baseball field, soccer field, teammates and coaches over the years.  Through sports, I learned the importance of hard work and dedication as well as the 5Ps (proper preparation prevents poor performance).  I learned the importance of mastering the fundamentals, the power of learning through experience and that “the day we stop trying to get better is the day we stop being good”.  Most importantly, I learned that the difference between good and great teams is discipline and cohesion and this comes through ensuring all members of the team clearly understand their role and feel valued.  In sports, leaders don’t have ranks and I have tried to apply this in my career by letting people at all levels lead in their area of expertise.

    Being the CAF Hockey Patron is a true privilege.  The hockey rink is my happy place and I know it is for many of you.  For others, it is other sports of hobbies and that is fine.  Being active in what we enjoy is part of all of us being healthy physically and mentally and l look forward to supporting sports at all levels in the CAF so people get to practice the sports they love and build friendships and memories that will last a lifetime."

    2019 - 2022 Vice-Admiral J.R. Aucherlonie
    2014 - 2018 Rear-Admiral J.P.G. Couturier                                                        
    2011 - 2013 Major-General S.P. Noonan
    2007 - 2010 Colonel D. Cooper
    Uknown - 2006 Lieutenant-General J.H.P.M. Caron                     
  • Chief Petty Officer 1st Class L. Laurendeau

    Chief Petty Officer 1st Class L. Laurendeau

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    Chief Petty Officer 1st Class L. Laurendeau
    2023 - present

    Chief Petty Officer 1st Class L. Laurendeau

    “I really enjoy hockey, and like any other hockey fan, it is a passion of mine. Playing, officiating, coaching or simply watching hockey are the top of my favourite things to do. Numerous Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel have been engaged in various sports since their youth or adopt a sport when joining the CAF. At a young age, I learned that team sports are collaborative effort, we are all a part of the solution and, understanding that, contributes to the team’s success. Self-discipline and commitment make up the foundation that contributes to a unified, respectful, and successful team. Everyone is a leader in their own way. The value of teamwork, leadership, and continuous learning is important and can be applied to all we do. The “New CAF Sports Strategy – A Game Changer”, Teamwork, Leadership, Esprit de Corps and Fitness are key skills for players, coaches, and officials along with all CAF members. Continuing to be physically active is essential in maintaining our mental, social, and physical well-being. 

    It is an honour and privilege to be selected as the Co-Patron for CAF Hockey. I will endeavor to advocate for, promote, and develop the CAF Sports Program. Being at the rink, meeting with new people and remaining active in hockey is exciting and I sincerely look forward to sharing in your experiences throughout your hockey journey. 

    As our season at the rink approaches lets all keep our sticks on the ice, support one another and “Break Away”!”
  • Captain S.D. Kent

    Captain S.D. Kent

    Captain S.D. Kent
    2021 - present

    Captain S.D. Kent

    Captain Kent has been involved in the sport of hockey since he was 5 years old and began refereeing hockey when he was 11 years old. Since then he has gone on to achieve a level 3 Hockey Canada official certification and has officiated at all levels of CAF hockey; from the local grassroot program all the way up to Nationals. He also has experience officiating in many civilian leagues and tournaments such as; Alberta Hockey Provincials’ finals, the Provincial Junior Hockey League (PJHL) and the Ontario Junior Hockey League (OJHL).

    When Captain Kent is not on the ice officiating he is mentoring and developing junior officials. His dedication to the sport and his determination for growth of the Hockey ensures us that he is the right person for the job.
    2017 - 2020 Master Warrant Officer G.G. Arsenault
    2013 - 2016 Mr. F. Williams
    2008 - 2012 Master Warrant Officer E. Bouffard                                                              
    Uknown - 2007 Warrant Officer D. Moriarty