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FORMeFit Reports FAQ

  • What is the FORMeFIT Reporting System?
    The FORMeFIT Reporting System was developed to securely disseminate the information collected during a FORCE Evaluation using the FORMeFIT electronic evaluation system. The need for a capability to accurately track and report fitness levels amongst CAF personnel was initially identified in the CF Health and Fitness Strategy (2008). The CRS Audit of the CF Health and Fitness Strategy, and CF Fitness Program Delivery (2014) further emphasized the principle of physical fitness accountability and responsibility. Enhanced fitness reporting will help achieve health and physical fitness awareness, and better guide CAF and PSP leadership on command programming, policy decisions and effective use of resources.
  • What information is included in the FORMeFIT Reports?

    The reports summarize FORCE Evaluation results collected using the electronic FORMeFIT Evaluation System. The reports will: 

    • Display the average performance of specific groups on the FORCE Fitness Profile, 
    • Indicate the number of CAF personnel evaluated on the FORMeFIT system, 
    • Break down the FORCE Evaluation results for CAF personnel (met/not met standard or achieved incentive levels), 
    • Compare the average estimated aerobic capacity and waist circumference of CAF personnel to the equivalent Canadian population, and 
    • Display average FORCE component completion times for male and female CAF personnel. 

    Reports for Commands/Formations will not be plotted when a very small number of results (5 or less) have been collected for a given reporting period. These groups will appear under ‘Excluded Organizations’ identified below the FORCE Profile graph on each report.

  • Why did I have to accept a security 'Terms and Conditions' before viewing the reports?

    Upon initial login to the FORMeFIT Reports site, every user must read and accept the Terms and Conditions related to site security and dissemination of information. 
    As a reminder, all information displayed on the FORMeFIT Reports site is Protected A. Users must agree to the following terms prior to accessing the reports content: 

    • Access to the FORMeFIT Reports site and dissemination, including storing, printing and/or emailing of its content must be conducted using a secured network (CFMWS or DWAN); 
    • Login credentials are exclusive to the assigned user and are not to be shared; 
    • Any portion of information taken from the Reports site is only to be shared with appropriately security screened personnel (Reliability or greater) with a “need-to-know” requirement; and 
    • Any materials printed, or information deduced from the Reports site shall be securely stored and/or shredded. 
  • How can information and access to FORMeFIT Reports be shared?
    Please see para 3 above.
  • How can reports be printed?

    FORMeFIT Reports may be printed using a secured network (CFMWS or DWAN) and workstation, computer and printer. 
    Complete the following steps to print a report containing all of the information and graphics: 

    1. Login to FORMeFIT Reports using Google Chrome* ; 
    2. Ensure your monitor screen is expanded and the resolution is set to 1024x768 or higher* ; 
    3. Find the report you wish to print and make your zoom in/out selections on the Fitness Profile graph. 
    4. Click on the ‘customize and control’ icon in the top right corner (3 vertical dots) and select ‘Print,’ or hit Ctrl + P. Both options will open the Print window; 
    5. From the Print window, under the Destination section, click the ‘Change’ button and select ‘Save as PDF’; 
    6. From the Print window, under the Options section, ensure Background Graphics is selected. If you do not wish to see the date, document name (FORMeFIT Reporting – CFMWS), web address and page numbers on the report, ensure the ‘Headers and Footers’ box is not selected; and 
    7. Hit the blue save button at the top of the Print window. 

    *If you need help downloading Chrome or checking your resolution settings, please contact the DND IT Helpdesk 
    Once the downloaded report is saved, the PDF can be printed using individual printing preferences. To properly view the graphics and identifying markers, the document must be printed in colour. 
    To maintain consistency, you are encouraged to refrain from printing directly from the browser window. Please save the document as a PDF prior to printing.

  • Why is access to the FORMeFIT Reporting System limited to certain individuals?
    The FORMeFIT Reporting System was designed to aggregate FORCE evaluation data based on the CAF org structure. The system provides reports that capture current operational and health-related fitness of CAF RegF personnel. Reports are produced based on the command structure as defined in the CAF Organization & Establishment (O&E) categories. User access to the report levels are granted based on the CAF personnel’s assigned command. This information is intended as a resource to assess operational readiness and assist in making Command/Formation decisions with regards to fitness programming. 
    At this time, access to FORMeFIT Reports is maintained by PSP HQ. Questions can be addressed by submitting a ticket at: FootPrints (
  • What are the FORMeFIT Reporting System reporting periods?
    Reports will be generated for each quarter of the fiscal year (Q1-Q4) in addition to an annual report that will be made available after the Q4 results each year. Results will be processed and posted approximately 30 days after the close of the quarter. For example, Q1 includes results collected from 01 APR-30 JUN, and the reports for Q1 will be available on the system as of 31 JUL.
  • Who is captured in the “Not Included” category of the FORMeFIT reports?
    The “Not Included” category in the FORMeFIT Reports captures CAF personnel evaluated using DND 279 evaluation forms, personnel that did not complete an evaluation due to medical limitations, and personnel that have not yet completed a FORCE evaluation in that reporting period. In the FY reports, this category also includes personnel that did not complete a FORCE Evaluation at all in that reporting period.
  • Who is captured in the “No defined” category of the FORMeFIT Reports?

    FORMeFIT Reports are divided by Command and subdivided into formations. Results will be captured in the “No defined” category in the following situations: 

    • Formations within a Command that are too small to maintain anonymity when providing aggregate reports. 
    • Groups and/ or individual CAF personnel that do not fall under one of the defined Commands or Formations within the CAF O & E structure. 

    Formation reports will not be plotted on the FORCE Profile when a very small number of results (5 or less) have been collected for a given reporting period. Displaying aggregate results in this circumstance would diminish individual anonymity. These groups will appear under ‘Excluded Organizations’ identified below the FORCE Profile graph on each report.

  • Why would a member be evaluated using a DND 279 vice the FORMeFIT Evaluation System?

    The following are situations in which a CAF personnel would be evaluated using a DND 279 evaluation form: 

    • The FORMeFIT Evaluation System was not available during the event, 
    • The CAF personnel are being evaluated in a location that does not have access to a FORMeFIT Evaluation System (Deployed Operations, and some OUTCAN locations). 
    • CAF personnel that are not eligible to be evaluated on the FORMeFIT Evaluation System (SOF personnel). 
  • Why does a declined Waist Circumference (WC) measurement influence the data set?
    In order to include an assessment of “health-related fitness” a measure of waist circumference (WC) was added to the FORCE Evaluation. The WC measurement makes up ~25% of the Health-related score, and combined with the estimated aerobic capacity determines one’s Health-related fitness for the Fitness Profile. Without the WC measurement it is not possible to calculate one’s Health-related fitness, and therefore, not possible to obtain an incentive level, nor plot on the Fitness Profile. The only report that displays FORCE Evaluation results for CAF personnel who decline WC is the graph titled: ‘FORCE Component Time.’
  • Are CAF Reserve personnel included in the FORMeFIT Reports?
    No. Until the majority of Res F personnel are evaluated using the FORMeFIT evaluation system and an appropriate amount of FORCE data is collected electronically, ResF personnel cannot be accurately reflected in the reporting framework. 
    As of April 2018, additional PSP Fitness staff were strategically added to many B/W/U to support CAF ResF personnel. These staff will be responsible for increasing FORCE Evaluations utilizing the FORMeFIT electronic evaluation system within the ResF.
  • What assistance is available to CAF personnel to improve individual, Formation and Command operational and health-related fitness?

    There are many resources available to CAF personnel to improve their overall health and fitness, and help improve their FORCE Fitness Profile. The following resources are offered at no cost to all CAF personnel: 

    • PSP Led Individual and Unit Fitness Programming: direct, and unsupervised physical training sessions and programs specifically designed for individual CAF personnel, or units delivered by PSP Fitness staff. 
    • Supplementary Physical Training Program: a direct physical training program run by PSP Fitness staff intended to improve overall fitness, and prepare CAF personnel to successfully complete the FORCE Evaluation. 
    • an online tool to create a personalized exercise program. 
    • Health Promotion: a variety of programs offered in a classroom setting designed to assist members in living a healthy lifestyle.