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O Squad

Children holding different sports gear
Do your children marvel at watching their favorite athletes on their screens? Do they mimic the moves of their champions as they run around the living room and secretly dream of achieving the perfect score for their team? Then OSQUAD, our new physical literacy program for military kids, presented by Canadian Tire - is for them.  

Developed by the Canadian Olympic Committee Education Program with the participation of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, this program will give them confidence in their movement and balance on a daily basis. They will also learn about key Olympic and sport values such as excellence, respect and friendship.  

Now, while we cheer on our gold medal winning Canadian athletes, your children will also have the opportunity to experience the joys of sport and share their inspiration through this unique program. 

O Squad lays a great athletic foundation by training or developing skills such as agility, balance and coordination, and helps kids of all levels find new resources to deal with the challenges of military life.

The O SQUAD program focuses on:

  • Introducing kids to the practice of sports through play 
  • Helping kids discover new sports 
  • Proposes cultural and educational animations around the sports and Olympic values (opening ceremony, medal ceremony, making of fake torches...) 
  • Increasing kids awareness of the benefits of physical activity and sports 
  • Encouraging children to make friends and enjoy sport as a part of their lifestyle 


  • Why the name O SQUAD?
    O is for Olympics and SQUAD has 2 meanings.  
    The definition for the word ‘squad’ is: a group of people formed for special purposes or a popular slang term for a group of friends.  
    The word also refers to an Air Force Squadron. Particularly to the RCAF Flyers who were a senior amateur Canadian ice hockey team made up of active and former Royal Canadian Air Force members and some army personnel. The RCAF Flyers won the gold medal in the 1948 Winter Olympics.
  • What will the program look like?

    O SQUAD is an eight to ten week program beginning on January 22, 2022.  Kids will participate in games that help build movement skills, friendship and connections. They will explore Olympic Values with the help of lessons learned from athletes. The Olympians will then challenge the kids to learn a new skill for their specific sport, through physical literacy tips, drills and play.   
    The program is run by PSP employee who are qualified in the HIGH FIVE Principles of Healthy Child Development. Instructors have completed physical literacy training from Sport for life.

  • Why isn't the program available all the time?
    The program was piloted on a few bases during the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. All bases were invited to apply with varying restrictions due to the pandemic. We selected a few: Shilo, Trenton, Bagotville and Goose Bay. We hope to expand O SQUAD during the upcoming Olympics.
  • Who is the program for?
    Preferably for children of military personnel between the ages of 8 and 14 in order to take full advantage of the motor skills required during the sessions. 

    Priority registration for those who have difficulty adapting to the military lifestyle. Age range may vary from site to site. Contact your local PSP Recreation Department for more information.
  • What is the time commitment?
    The O SQUAD program is designed over a minimum of 8 weeks developing specific skills in a progressive and harmonious manner. It is therefore recommended that your child attend the entire program which also introduces new Olympic values each week. The length and dates will vary from site to site depending on the availability of facilities and staff. Contact your local PSP Recreation Department for more information.
  • What is physical literacy?
    Physical literacy gives children the tools they need to participate in and enjoy physical activities and sports, whether it's to excel in sports or to lead a healthy lifestyle. to excel in sports or to lead a healthy life. It is an important component of the Canadian Long Term Athlete Development Development Program (LTAD).
    Physical literacy is defined as the skills, knowledge and behaviours that give a person the confidence and motivation to move for life. It makes exercise much more fun. Raising children to be active for life means equipping them from an early age.  Physical literacy also helps them find the right sport for them.
  • How do I register or get more information?

    When the program is offered, you can register online at the local PSP page or call your local PSP Community Recreation Department.