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CAF Sports Achievement Awards

The CAF Sports Achievement Awards are a series of annual awards designed to recognize outstanding athletes, coaches, officials and teams who have excelled in sport during the previous calendar year.  Nominees may be recognized for participating in CAF or CISM competition, and/or in provincial, national or international civilian competition.

Male Athlete of the Year

2020No recipient
2019Capt Z. Zeiler - Swimming and Lifesaving
2018Maj J. Maley - Multi-Sports
2017LCol E. Travis - Triathlon
2016MCpl A. Boulé - Multi-Sports
2015Maj D. Lacombe - Triathlon
2014Maj M. Lacasse-Lamontagne - Triathlon
2013Capt D. Lacombe - Triathlon
2012A/SLt J. Song - Taekwondo 
2011Pte A. Boulé - Multi-Sports
2010Cpl E. Feunekes - Greco-Roman Wrestling 
2009Cpl H. Boisvert-Simard - Fencing 
2008Cpl H. Boisvert-Simard - Fencing 
2007Maj B. Barteaux - Ultramarathon
2006Pte M. Prud'homme - Swimming/Lifesaving
2005Capt M. Barlee - Cycling 
2004Maj T. O'Keeffe - Triathlon 
2003Pte C. Mitchell - Wrestling
2002OCdt K. Dulude - Basketball 
2001Bdr C. Marmen - Running 
20002Lt P. Hungler - Basketball 
1999Cpl P. Daoust - Broomball/Softball
1998WO V. Hickey - Running
1997Cpl S. Cyr - Biathlon 
1996OCdt K. Coates - Triathlon 
1995LS R. Sneath - Hockey 
1994MWO K. Bell - Shooting
1993Cpl J. Raymond - Swimming 
1992Cpl S. Cyr - Biathlon 
1991Cpl J. Morrisey - Basketball 
1990Sgt J. Andrews - Broomball 
1989Capt P. Sullivan -  Biathlon/Triathlon 
1988Capt S. Howard - Running
19872Lt M. Ashcroft - Shooting 

Female Athlete of the Year

2020No recipient
2019Maj L. Quinlan - Triathlon
2018AB Y. Yong - Taekwondo
2017Capt S. Graves - Triathlon
2016PO2 K. Danigier - Triathlon
2015Cpl A. Bertucca - Taekwondo
2014OS Y. Yong - Taekwondo
2013Lt (N) C. Helwer - Fencing
2012Capt H. Smith - Multi-Sports
2011OS Y. Yong - Taekwondo
20102Lt S. Palmer - Swimming & Lifesaving
20092Lt V. Larochelle-Meilleur - Taekwondo
2008MS D. Webb - Multi-Sports
2007Capt T. Hiscock - Running
2006MS N. Simard - Badminton
20052Lt M. Lafortune - Fencing
2004Capt T. Hiscock - Running
2003LS H. John - Swimming
2002LS H. John - Swimming
2001Lt (N) H. Beynon - Swimming
2000MCpl D. Campaigne - Multi-Sports
1999OCdt C. Bramma - Volleyball
1998OCdt S. Bailie - Swimming
1997Capt C. Chouinard - Triathlon
1996Lt(N) J. Switzer - Running
1995Capt S. Donnelly - Triathlon
1994Cpl J. Vincent - Shooting
1993OCdt N. Birgentzlen - Taekwondo
1992Sgt D. Heit - Track/Volleyball
1991Cpl J. Vincent - Shooting
1990Capt E. Vaughan - Parachuting
1989Capt L. Bermel -  Running/Triathlon
1988Capt L. Bermel -  Running/Triathlon
1987Capt L. Bermel -  Running/Triathlon

Coach of the Year

2021No recipient 
2019MCpl A. Grenier - Multi-sports 
2018CPO 2 B. Browne - Shooting
2017Capt G. Caron - Multi-sports
2016Capt P. Sullivan - Basketball
2015WO S. Marois - Multi-sports
2014PO 2 C. Wells - Hockey

Capt E. Smith - Soccer

Maj M. Launière - Lifesaving


Sgt W. Burton - Swimming

MWO B. Lafontaine - Hockey


Capt C. Bass - Swimming

WO J. Gilbert - Soccer


Sgt A. Chalifoux - Multi-sports

Sgt W. Nelson - Swimming


WO M. Ayotte - Triathlon 

Maj M. McWatters - Running

2008LCdr T. Zezza - Lifesaving

Sgt D. Cloutier - Running 

Capt J. Lawton - Triathlon  


Cpl E. Chipman - Soccer

Capt J. Lawton - Triathlon


CPO2 C. Kern - Slo-pitch

Capt S. Szkwarek - Soccer


Maj R. O'Connor - Slo-pitch 

Cpl F. Boily - Taekwondo


MCpl P. Murphy - Hockey

MCpl S. Lapalme - Broomball  


MCpl W. Johnson - Multi-sports 

Capt K. El Seweify  - Squash/Soccer


Cpl W. Burton - Swimming 

Lt (N) T. Zezza - Swimming


MWO M. Mackinnon - Hockey

MCpl S. Lapalme - Broomball 

1999Cpl B. Fitzgerald - Broomball 
1998Sgt K. McDonald - Volleyball    
1997Cpl S. Bilodeau - Taekwondo    
1996CPO2 T. Eustace - Hockey    
1995PO2 J. Kennedy - Triathlon    
1994MWO F. Brake - Soccer     
1993Capt S. Hale - Biathlon     
1992MWO J. Quilty - Multi-Sports    
1991Capt D. Lavoie - Volleyball     
1990MWO L. Grant - Hockey    
1989Capt R. Hartnett - Running      

Official of the Year

2021No recipient

Capt S. Stuart - Volleyball

2018CPO 2 R. Cook - Multi-sports
2017Capt S. Stuart - Volleyball
2016Cpl A. Social - Multi-sports
2015MCpl G. Pavone - Soccer
2014Cpl A. Social - Multi-sports

Maj J. Sullivan - Fast Pitch

2012MS D. Pawson - Hockey
2011Capt C. Palavicino - Soccer
2010Cpl G. Pavone - Soccer

NCdt K. Steel - Hockey

2008Sgt B. Costello - Triathlon 

Capt S. Stuart - Multi-Sports 


LCol M. Kenneally - Taekwondo 


Sgt C. Bilodeau - Multi-Sports 


LS T. Desgroseilliers - Soccer


WO F. Demers - Soccer 


MCpl M. Gough - Softball/Volleyball 


MCpl T. Thompson - Basketball 


Bdr P. Grady - Multi-Sports


PO1 W. Davidson - Broomball/Ball Hockey 


Cpl A. Brent - Softball 


Cpl M. Gough - Volleyball/Softball 

MWO D. Sims - Broomball 

MWO B. Richardson - Hockey 


Capt D. Ogilvie - Hockey 


Sgt D. Cormier - Broomball/Soccer 


MWO B. Richardson - Multi-Sports 


WO A. Gil - Multi-Sports 


MWO R. Burrows - Volleyball 

Civilian Coach of the Year

YearCivilian Coach
2004Ms. C. Deschênes - Women's Hockey 
Mr. G. Mooney - Basketball 
2003Mr. B. Pearce - Ball Hockey
2002Mr. J. Ingham - Squash
2001Ms. S. Brutt - Soccer 
Mr. F. Beaupré - Biathlon
2000Mr. A. Scott - Hockey
LCdr D. Molinari 

International Coach of the Year

YearInternational Coach
2004Grand Master Y. Su Choung
2003Mr. S. Box
Mr. D. Bérubé 
Ms. S. Scriven 
2002Mr. D. Gaboury 
Ms. K. Cotton - Volleyball  
2001Sgt M. Ayotte 
Mr. G. Mooney 
2000Ms. L. Mundt 

Team of the Year

YearTeam of the Year
2020No recipient
2019CFB Ottawa-Gatineau Men's Soccer Team
2018CAF CISM Taekwondo Team
20173 Wing Bagotville Men's Ball Hockey Team
2016Collective Sports - CFB Valcartier Men`s Hockey Team 
Individual Sports - CAF CISM Men`s Triathlon Team
2015Collective Sports - CFSU Ottawa Men's Volleyball Team 
Individual Sports - 2nd Canadian Division Shooting Team
2014Collective Sports - 14 Wing Greenwood Men's Slo-Pitch Team
Individual Sports - CAF CISM Men's Fencing Team
2013Collective Sports - CFSU Ottawa Men's Volleyball Team
Individual Sports - RMCC Men's Fencing Team
2012Collective Sports - 14 Wing Greenwood Women's Hockey Team
Individual Sports - Quebec Region Squash Team
2011Collective Sports -CFSU Ottawa Men's Volleyball Team
Individual Sports - Atlantic Region Squash Team  
2010Collective Sports - CFSU Ottawa Men's Basketball Team 
Individual Sports - CFB Esquimalt Running Team 
2009Land Forces Western Area Shooting Team 
2008Valcartier Lions Taekwondo Team 
2007RMC Men's Fencing Team
2006Formation Halifax Mariners Men's Hockey Team
200519 Wing Comox Women's Slo-Pitch Team
2004RMC Kingston Men's Basketball Team
2003CFB North Bay Men’s Volleyball Team
2002CFB Petawawa Men’s Soccer Team 
20018 Wing Trenton Women's Broomball Team
2000CFB Esquilmalt Tritons Basketball Team 
1999CTC Gagetown Warriors Men's Softball Team 
1998CFB Valcartier Women's Broomball Team
19972 CMBG/CFB Petawawa Men's Hockey Team 
1996CFB Halifax Men's Broomball Team 
1995CFSU(O) Ladies Broomball Team 
1994CFB Halifax Soccer Team 
1993Royal Military College Biathlon Team
1992CFB Cornwallis Men's Broomball Team 
1991CFB North Bay Basketball Team 
19904 Service Battalion Tug of War Team