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FORCE Combat

Advance your military career with specialty trades that demand exceptional levels of physical fitness. Discover physical training, testing and certification programs through PSP.

Operational readiness is one of the most critical elements of PSP’s mandate. FORCE Combat provides an extremely valuable tool for ensuring our members have the most scientifically accurate training system, in order to prepare them for the physical demands of modern combat operations.  – Sean N. Cantelon, CEO Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

In 2008, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) requested that the Human Performance Research and Development (HPR&D) group within PSP perform a review of the operational relevance of the Battle Fitness Test (BFT). Based on the results of their extensive research, HPR&D created a new fitness objective that more accurately reflected the current demands of combat operations. This new testing criteria, is called FORCE Combat and it provides CAF with an invaluable resource to assist its members with preparations for today’s demanding operations.

FORCE Combat

From 2008-2011 Human Performance R&D participated in Canadian Army (CA) exercises to collect physiological data: 

  • A survey of over 850 CA soldiers + post –mission interviews revealed 
  • The BFT did not capture the demands of the frequently performed “urban ops” 
  • A more relevant march is shorter than 13km but with more load 
  • Research demonstrates training is successful for CA at any fitness level to improve FORCE combat performance 
  • For best results, research shows you should slowly attempt FORCE combat 2-3 times to learn your best strategy 
  • Wearing Battle Order you will need to be careful on hot days, perform FORCE combat in the early morning, when Temperature (WBGT)  is <19oC, and drink freely
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