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Financial Planning & Investments

Feel confident about your money. Our SISIP Advisors know military life. Match your personal, career and retirement values to your money goals to put more money in your pocket today and save big for tomorrow.

Investments and savings that ensure the adventure never ends.

We keep you on the path towards reaching your financial goals by providing professional financial advice and investment product options tailored to your needs. 

Create a plan for your money. Start with a portfolio review and complete an investment assessment.

Financial planning can help you manage your budget, achieve goals like homeownership and retirement, and feel more secure in an unpredictable world. Do things right, and you’ll be financially comfortable for the rest of your life. 

  • Choose how you grow your money with investments, savings and insurance tailored for the Canadian Armed Forces and their families 
  • Secure your family finances with insurance solutions that meet your individual needs
  • Prepare for release and retirement with experts who know the CAF process 
  • Get free advice on major purchases, and help with life transitions, like marriage, divorce, career changes and child care expenses.

Financially stronger together.

CAF community members trust SISIP Financial for expert advice and solutions across pensions, investing, insurance, spending, borrowing and more.

We’re professional advisors who truly understand the realities of military life. Whether you want to save for a goal, secure your family’s future, or simply make ends meet right now, we’re here to listen and plan.