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CISM Events

Previous Events

  • 1990
    World Military Cross-Country Championship, CFB Borden, Barrie, Ontario
  • 1993
    World Military Taekwondo Championship, CFB Kingston, Kingston, Ontario
  • 1997
    World Military Ski Championship, CFB Valcartier, Québec City, Québec 
    NALO Regional Golf Championship, CFB Trenton, Astra, Ontario 
    CISM Board of Directors Meeting, Ottawa, Ontario
  • 1998
    NALO Regional Men's Soccer Championship
  • 1999
    NALO Regional Golf Championship, Ottawa, Ontario
  • 2000
    CISM Sports Commission Meeting, Ottawa, Ontario 
    During this meeting the members of the Sports Commission reviewed policies, procedures and the upcoming world event calendar.
  • 2001
    World Military Sailing Championship, CFB Esquimalt, Victoria, British-Columbia 
    NALO Regional Golf Championship, CFB Borden, Barrie, Ontario
  • 2002
    1st World Military Women's Soccer Championship, 22 - 29 May, CFB Kingston, Kingston, Ontario
  • 2004
    World Military Men's and Women's Volleyball Championship, 11 - 20 June, CFB Kingston, Kingston, Ontario 
    Men’s and women’s teams from Germany, the Netherlands, China, the United States, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Cameroon, Greece and Italy all competed for the world title.
  • 2005
    CISM Americas Men's Soccer Championship, 16 - 24 February, CFB Esquimalt, Victoria, British-Columbia 
    Teams from Barbados, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago and the United States joined Canada to determine the representative for the 2005 Military World Soccer Championship.
  • 2006
    CISM Americas Running Championship, 24 - 30 February, Ottawa, Ontario 
    A total of total of 90 participants from 11 nations joined Canada in this competition.
  • 2007
    CISM Board of Directors Meeting, 03 - 07 December, Ottawa, Ontario 
    During this meeting the 15 members of the CISM Board of Directors reviewed policies and procedures, finances and approved the upcoming world military event calendar.
  • 2008
    5th World Military Golf Championship, 17-23 August, Ottawa, Ontario 
    Approximately 100 military golfers from 14 nations hit the links at Hylands Golf Course. 
    Women in CISM Week, 15 - 21 June, CFB Kingston/Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario 
    Canada welcomed more than 90 participants for the first “Women in CISM Week” which consisted of a symposium led by female leaders in sport, discussions and work groups to address women’s issues in military sport as well as numerous sport competitions.
  • 2009
    43rd World Military Swimming and Lifesaving Championship, 05 - 14 August, Montreal, Québec 
    Approximately 200 athletes from 17 nations competed in beach and pool lifesaving as well as swimming events.
  • 2010
    19th World Military Taekwondo Championship, 14 - 21 July, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec 
    Approximately 200 athletes from 21 nations competed at the championship. 
    CISM Club at the 2010 Winter Olympics, 12 - 28 February, Vancouver, British-Columbia 
    CISM Club was located in the Canada Olympic House and provided a meeting space for all CISM delegates who participated or attended the Games.
  • 2017
    49th World Military Marathon Championship, 26 - 28 May, Ottawa, Ontario 
    There were 84 athletes (64 men and 20 women) from 19 nations who ran the Ottawa Marathon.

    CISM Americas Contiental Meeting, 06 - 11 February, Québec City, Québec 
    During this meeting, 22 representatives from 12 nations of the CISM Americas reviewed policies, procedures and finances.
  • 2018
    19th World Military Women's Volleyball Championship & 36th World Military Men's Volleyball Championship, 26 May - 5 June, Edmonton, Alberta. 
    There were 180 athletes (96 men and 84 women) from 9 nations who participated.
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