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CISM & International Sports

International competition serves to motivate CAF athletes to achieve greater excellence and compete at their highest potential.

The International program is a natural extension of the Regional and National programs and includes all sport competition that goes beyond the National level.  As such, the International component offers the opportunity for more skilled and higher caliber CAF athletes to train and compete at higher levels.
Participation in military competitions at the international level is achieved through the CAF’s membership in the Conseil international du sport militaire (CISM) and participation to civilian International competition is achieved through the CAF Out Service competition process. The Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM)* is an international military sports organization with 140 member countries.   

The fundamental aim of CISM is to promote sport activity and physical education between armed forces as a means to foster world peace. CISM holds more than 20 competitions annually, bringing soldiers together on the sports field as opposed to the battle field.  The motto of CISM is “Friendship through Sport” and is based on the three pillars of sport, education and solidarity. 

The following CAF teams participate in national training camps and compete internationally in the CISM. To become involved with any of the following teams, please contact the Team Manager.