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Men's Soccer

2 men playing soccer


ATLANTIC REGION:  July/August 2024, Shearwater
CANADA WEST REGION: 18-23  August 2024, Wainwright
ONTARIO REGION: July/August 2024, Petawawa
QUEBEC REGION: 19-24 August 2024, Ottawa



22 - 27 September 2024, Borden

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  • Rear-Admiral C.F. Sutherland

    Rear-Admiral C.F. Sutherland

    PATRON View Bio
    Rear-Admiral C.F. Sutherland
    2020 - present

    Rear-Admiral C.F. Sutherland

    Rear-Admiral (RAdm) Sutherland is the Deputy Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy with vast experience successfully executing Command and General/Flag officer staff positions, holding significant positions of responsibility.  He is a highly intelligent, thoughtful, and empathetic leader in the Canadian Armed Forces.  

    “I am humbled, honoured and delighted to have been appointed as your CAF Men’s Soccer patron.  I am an ardent supporter of CAF sports because it has been a large part of my life and I credit it as an important part in my success and ability to overcome personal and professional challenges. I believe fervently in the impact sports have in every facet of our personal and professional lives.  

    Participating as part of a structured soccer team helped me develop the framework to understand the importance of teamwork, practice, goal setting, preparation, perseverance, strength, morals and values, endurance, mental strength, patience, confidence, responsibility, accountability, focus, respect, and humility.  These virtues were foundational to my professionally demanding career in the CAF.  More importantly, those virtues helped me overcome significant challenges and failures personally and professionally. 

    I am excited to engage with all of you to exchange ideas and improve our program, the CAF, our culture, and our personal well-being.” 
    2014 - 2020 Vice-Admiral D.C. Hawco
    2009 - 2014         Brigadier-General M.P. Jorgenson                                                      
    1998 - 2008 Lieutenant-General J. Arp
  • Chief Warrant Officer M.G.M. ROUSSEAU

    CO-PATRON View Bio
    2023 - present

    Chief Warrant Officer M.G.M. ROUSSEAU


  • Lieutenant-Colonel C. Palavicino

    Lieutenant-Colonel C. Palavicino

    Lieutenant-Colonel C. Palavicino
    2021 - present

    Lieutenant-Colonel C. Palavicino

    LCol Palavicino comes to us with an enormous amount of experience. He is a retired National Soccer Referee and current soccer teaching instructor & assessor. Some of his career highlights include officiating at three CISM Military World Games (India 2007, Brazil 2011 Finals, and South Korea 2015), professional leagues (MLS Reserve league, NASL and USDA), several CAF National & Regional Championships, Dallas Cup 26 U19, and multiple university/college leagues.

    As a CAF Sports Honour Roll Inductee and with over 35 years of soccer officiating experience under his belt we have no doubt that Major Palavicino will excel in his new role as the CAF Soccer Chief Official.
    2016 - 2020 Captain M.C. O'Keefe
    2009 - 2015  Mr. G. White
    2005 - 2008 Lieutenant-Colonel A. Belihnid
    Unknown - 2004 Sergeant P. Thompson
  • Lieutenant-Colonel M. Plada

    Lieutenant-Colonel M. Plada

    Lieutenant-Colonel M. Plada

    Lieutenant-Colonel M. Plada

    Major Marcelo Plada’s passion for futbol can be traced back generations through his Uruguayan lineage. His father played both provincially and nationally in Uruguay and naturally, Marcelo played for Club Uruguay in Toronto. Marcelo received accolades as a player at RMC.

    As a member of the CAF CISM Men’s Soccer Team for over 20 years, he has represented the CAF at countless CISM America’s Cups and three Military World Games. Marcelo also won a National title with St. Anthony’s Ottawa and played semi-professionally with the Ottawa Fury. Marcelo began his coaching career at the tender age of 22 years old and is a Nationally B Licensed educator, teaching all ages and both genders. He plies his coaching trade at Bryst Football Academy and assists the Toronto’s base team. Marcelo is participating in an internship at Rampla Juniors in Piriapolis and is on his way to completing his 12th NCCP course over the past year.

    For more information on the CAF CISM Soccer program like them on Facebook, Instagram or email.
  • Major H. Robson

    Major H. Robson

    Major H. Robson

    Major H. Robson

    Heath is the Team Manager for the CAF CISM Men’s Soccer Team. Originally from Vancouver, BC, Heath is a Health Services Operations Officer, now serving in his 20th year with the CAF. Having completed a master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from UBC in 2016 and is now enrolled in the University of Alberta’s PhD program, studying Health Policy Research and Health Economics.

    As a member of the Royal Military College, Heath played OCAA and CIS soccer in university before joining the CISM soccer program in 2006. With CISM, he was fortunate to participate in two Military World Games as a player (India 2007 & South Korea 2015) and one as team manager (China 2019). In addition, Heath has competed in numerous America’s Cup competitions and had the honor of captaining the CISM Men’s soccer team during the 2010 America’s Cup in Suriname. “One of my fondest memories playing CAF soccer was winning nationals as a pick-up with Halifax in 2008, I forget how long it had been since Halifax (or an Atlantic team) had won nationals…but I know it’d been quite a while which made it feel that much better.”

    “Personally, success in sports has always parlayed well into other facets of my life, including work and academics, as strong corollaries exist between victory on and off the field and the dedication, determination and discipline required for success. Understanding the common underpinnings of all high-level sporting competition are the pursuit of excellence and teamwork, sports have always played a valuable and central role in my development.”

    Anyone interested in learning more about the CAF CISM men’s soccer program is encouraged to reach our to your local PSP Base Sports Coordinator, check out our Facebook page or email.