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FORCE Fitness Profile

The FORCE Fitness Profile assesses overall physical fitness levels among Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members.

The FORCE Fitness Profile combines two measures:

Operational Fitness

Assessed via the FORCE Evaluation; and

Health-Related Fitness

Based on an estimation of cardio respiratory fitness (derived from FORCE Evaluation results) and on a measure of waist circumference.

CAF member data on these two metrics are used to plot each participant’s result on the Fitness Profile, which ranges from red (not operationally fit, i.e., did not pass the FORCE Evaluation) to orange (operationally fit but low Health-Related Fitness) to yellow (operationally fit and marginal Health-Related Fitness) to green (both operationally fit and high Health-Related Fitness).  The calculation of one’s Health-Related Fitness, takes in consideration their age and sex.
Providing participants with their FORCE Fitness Profile gives evaluators the opportunity to encourage military personnel to improve their overall health-related physical fitness, since the FORCE Evaluation only provides the Operational Fitness, and one can be operationally fit, but still lacking health-related fitness, known to improve cardiovascular longevity and resistance to injury. This allows PSP to recommend training plans, target particular weaknesses, and recommend preventative Health Promotion programs. All CAF personnel have access to their Fitness Profile by accessing the Fitness Profile Calculator.