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Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG)

Stood up in 2014 and located near Esquimalt, BC, the Naval Tactical Operations Group (NTOG) is a unit within the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) that specializes in Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO) and Force Protection. 

With this mandate, NTOG’s primary roles include, intercepting suspect vessels in order to prevent the movement of illicit cargo and contraband at sea (MIO), and protecting naval vessels, maritime infrastructure and personnel. Since 2016, as a part of the Government of Canada’s contribution to improving maritime safety and security across the globe, NTOG’s role has expanded to include supporting international capacity building activities with numerous partner nations.

The Maritime Tactical Operator Course (MTOC) involves extensive training in advanced MIO tactics. This includes, hand-to-hand combat, improvised explosive device identification, littoral operations (light patrolling, advance-to-contact training, and securing a beachhead), close quarters battle, tactical shooting, and tactical questioning. To be considered for the nearly six-month MTOC, candidates must successfully complete the Maritime Tactical Operator (MTO) Selection Physical Fitness Evaluation (PFE) and culminate in a rigorous multi-day Assessment Center run at NTOG’s training facility on Vancouver Island, BC. 

The MTO Selection PFE is based on the physical demands required for the safe and effective completion of the MTOC, and as a Maritime Tactical Operator.  The evaluation is performed while wearing a 14kg weighted vest and consists of the following components:

  1. Pre-fatigue - The evaluation starts with an 8-second flexed arm hang, followed by an 8-second “dead hang”. 
  2. Timed FORCE Circuit – Immediately following the completion of the pre-fatigue, the applicant will perform the timed FORCE circuit as quickly as possible. It consists of the same tasks as the annual FORCE Evaluation with minor modifications such as: performed as a continuous circuit and Intermittent Loaded Shuttles performed carrying 2 sandbags (1 in each hand), as opposed to 1. 

The MTO Selection PFE is administered by PSP staff at CAF bases around the country. The evaluation must be completed no sooner than 6 months prior to the MTOAC to be considered valid (i.e., between May and October).

The Maritime Tactical Operator’s Candidate Aide provides a performance readiness preparation program and a background description of the physical demands of the Maritime Tactical Operators and qualification course. Contact Strength & Conditioning Specialist [email protected] for guidance of the training program, it’s individualization to better reflect your needs, and access to the mobile app version of the preparation program.