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CMTFE / FORCE Evaluation

Canadian Armed Forces members are required to meet the minimum operational standards, including the CMTFE or the FORCE Evaluation. 

The principle of universality of service (U of S) or “soldier first” principle holds that CAF members are liable to perform general military duties and common defence and security duties, not just the duties of their military occupation or occupational specification. This may include, but is not limited to, the requirement to meet the CAF Common Military Tasks Fitness Evaluation (CMTFE) standards, as well as being employable and deployable for general operational duties.

It is to be noted that the requirement to meet U of S applies to the Regular Forces (Reg F), the Primary Reserve (P Res), and officers and non-commissioned members of the Supplementary Reserve (Supp Res), Cadet Organization Administration and Training Service (COATS) and Canadian Rangers (CR) attached, seconded or transferred on consent to the Reg F or P Res.

It is expected CAF members be compliant to the U of S by successfully completing the FORCE Evaluation at least once per year.