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Coaches Program

The CAF Sports Program has partnered with The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) to provide standardized qualifications for CAF coaches and administrators to ensure a safe atmosphere for all participants.  

Having certfied coaches brings creditability to the CAF Sports program, brings visibility to the CAF from external associations (i.e. sports governing bodies, municipalities, etc.), and elevates the quality of the CAF Sports Program. 

The CAF Coaches Program offers a variety of courses through their partnership with the CAC to CAF members and full time NPF employees to develop certified coaches to prepare them to support CAF athletes at all levels of sporting events. In order to achieve this, the CAF Sports Office (CAFSO) has provided a list of minimum certifications required for coaches and administrators supporting CAF sport programs.  
Upon completion of each course, coaches and administrators will gain leadership skills and professional development points in their locker with under their National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) account. 
It is expected that CAF Coaches who receive funding from the CAFSO will commit their coaching services to a CAF Sports Team (local/Regional/National/International) for a minimum of one year and/or season. Potential sports include but are not limited to; badminton, ball hockey, basketball curling, fencing, golf, grappling, hockey, running, slo-pitch, squash, swimming & lifesaving, taekwondo, triathlon, and volleyball.


  • How to Register
    Individuals may go to “The Locker” and login (or create account) to begin their online learning and/or reach out to their Provincial Territorial Coaching Representative (PTCR). Once complete please follow the step below for potential reimbursement. 
  • Funding & Reimbursement
    Minimum certifications are covered by the CAFSO through the members respective local PSP Base Sports Coordinator. Upon successful completion, individuals are to fill out this form, attached receipts and provide them to their local PSP Base Sports Coordinator for reimbursement. 
  • Minimum Certifications

    Mandatory Coaching Courses

    At minimum one person on any eligibility roster at Regional and/or National Sport Championship must have mandatory courses completed. This only relates to team sports (All Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball Slo-Pitch & Soccer):
    • Safe Sport Training
    • Making Headway
    • Emergency Action Plan

    Recommended Coaching Courses

    If a non-playing coach has the mandatory and recommended courses completed, they will have the ability to obtain a maximum of one spot on the eligibility certificate at Regional and National Sport Championships. This only relates to team sports (All Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball Slo-Pitch & Soccer):

    • Make Ethical Decisions
    • Planning a Practice