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FORCE Rewards Program

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The FORCE Rewards Program is designed to recognize Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel who achieve high levels of Health-Related Fitness and Operational Readiness on their FORCE Fitness Profile, as part of their annual FORCE Evaluation.

In line with the CAF objective of maintaining high levels of Health-Related Fitness and Operational Readiness, this program motivates CAF personnel to engage in physical activity while recognizing those who achieve excellence. The FORCE Rewards Program is administered annually from 1 January to 31 December.

The Process

After successfully completing the FORCE Evaluation, CAF personnel are plotted on the FORCE Fitness Profile. The results of the FORCE Fitness Profile are accumulated from 1) the four components of the FORCE Evaluation (i.e. Operational Readiness), and 2) the predicted VO2 max (cardiorespiratory fitness) and waist circumference measurement (i.e. Health-Related Fitness).

The results range from red (not-operationally fit, i.e., did not pass the FORCE Evaluation) to orange (operationally fit but low Health-Related Fitness) to yellow (operationally fit and marginal Health-Related Fitness) to green (both operationally fit and high Health-Related Fitness).

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Local PSP Fitness Staff will inform you if you are eligible for the FORCE Rewards Program and, if so, how to claim your reward on the FORCE Rewards page on the Logistik Unicorp website.

Get active and be ready to challenge yourself to a higher level of fitness and get rewarded!

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Water Bottle
FORCE Water Bottle
FORCE Rewards Hoodie
Hoodie, certificate and pin
Pin to be worn on your dress uniform.

Who is eligible for the FORCE Rewards Program?

All CAF personnel are eligible to earn a FORCE Reward.  Only the first FORCE Evaluation completed during the calendar year will be eligible for a reward.

How does it work?

Based on the results of over 109,000 FORCE Evaluations performed between 1 Apr 2016 and 31 Mar 2018, thresholds were created to ensure 50% of the CAF personnel could achieve an Incentive level. Approximately 34% could achieve Bronze, 14% Silver, 2% Gold and 0.1% Platinum.

Age and sex-specific scoring tables were updated on 1 January 2019 for each of the four (4) FORCE components to ensure a fair distribution of points. These four (4) components, each scored out of 100, are combined to make up the Operational Fitness, which is scored out of a total of 400 points.

Health-Related Fitness is scored on a 100-point scale, where predicted VO2 max (cardiovascular endurance estimated from the Intermittent Loaded Shuttles task, the measurement of your Waist Circumference and your sex) accounts for 75 points and waist circumference accounts for the remaining 25 points.

The FORCE Fitness Profile is a tool that provides you with feedback on your current level of Health-Related Fitness and Operational Readiness. This tool, along with the FORCE Fitness Profile Calculator, can be used to help you understand your current fitness level in order to help you prepare for your next FORCE Evaluation.


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