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T100 Insurance (Extended Defence Team)

True lifetime protection to help secure your family's financial future.

With Term 100, your loved ones will receive the benefit amount you’ve selected (up to $100,000) in a tax-free, lump sum, if something were to happen to you.

Why Term 100?

  • It’s coverage for life.  While many life insurance plans end when you are still in your 70’s or 80’s, Term 100 doesn’t expire unless you cancel or stop paying your premiums.
  • Guaranteed premiums that never increase. Your premiums are locked in at the age you apply – whether you are paying for 20 years or until age 100, your rates will never increase.
  • No medical tests are normally required.  If you are age 64 and under and can answer ‘no’ to the simple medical questions on the application, you may not have to undergo a paramedical exam or other medical tests when you apply. 
  • 20 Pay option available! If you’re 18 to 60 years old you can choose to pay premiums for the first 20 years. You can apply when you are young and be finished paying for this lifetime coverage before you retire. It’s coverage for life without lifetime payments!

Who can apply?

*CF One Community members (Extended Defence Team) with a valid CF One card.

If you need more information about your CF One membership or need to secure or confirm your CF One card number, call 1-855 245-0330, email [email protected] or register online.

All applicants must be age 18 to 70 and a Canadian resident (physically in Canada) at the time you are completing your application. Note: If you are a CAF member (serving/veterans/released), their spouse or adult child, Term 100 Life Insurance is already available through your SISIP Financial Advisor.

Go online now to find any coverage details you may need, get a quick no-obligation quote and apply directly online in minutes. 

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