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NOVEMBER 20 – World Children’s Day

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Here's how you can get involved:

Each year, Personnel Support Programs (PSP), a division of Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services (CFMWS), invites children from CAF families to participate in an annual art project. 

This year for World Children's Day, PSP will organize a fleece tie blanket event that will be hosted in Kingston. Kingston has been chosen as the spotlight location to host the national event, however, local departments may choose to incorporate blanket-making or any other activity that will help veterans and children in need. 

Veterans have put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms and there are children who have lost their loved ones through military operations. Now they need and deserve our support. With a little help making these blankets we can help them stay warm this winter.  

Children who take part in this art project will learn about how their CAF parent or loved one helps protect theirs, and other children's rights every day. 

Research shows that children and youth who are aware of their rights, and the rights of others, develop positive peer relations, have better school performance, possess higher self-esteem, and may be more supportive of their parent’s military responsibility. 

The experience of offering their own service makes it easier for young people to ask for help when they need it. Once kids understand how good it can feel to give to others, it becomes easier to ask for that same support when it’s needed. And being willing to ask for help is a big part of being resilient! 

Here’s how you can take part in our World Children’s Day celebrations:

St. John's
Blanket Making
Blanket Making
Blanket Making
Blanket Making
Moose Jaw
Blanket Making
Blanket Making
Cold LakeBasket of Warmth
Basket of Warmth
Basket of Warmth
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