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Women's Volleyball

women playing volleyball


ATLANTIC REGION: 26 February - 3 March 2023, Gagetown
CANADA WEST REGION: 9 - 14 February 2023, Cold Lake
QUEBEC REGION: 4 - 8 December 2023, St-Jean



22 - 26 April 2023, Borden



TBD 2023

  • Warrant Officer I.A. Karin

    Warrant Officer I.A. Karin

    Warrant Officer I.A. Karin
    2021 - present

    Warrant Officer I.A. Karin

    For over two decades WO Karin’s incredible passion for his sport has made him a key member of the CAF Volleyball program. In 2018 his accomplishments were recognized and he was inducted into the CAF Honour Roll. He has represented Canada and the CAF at three CISM World Military Games, an impressive seven CISM World Volleyball Championships and brought home gold and silver from CISM regional competitions. He has competed at 11 CAF National Volleyball Championships, collecting a total of eight gold and two silver medals in addition to being an eight-time all-star and three-time tournament MVP.

    With a continuing love for his sport and looking to contribute in another way, WO Karin began refereeing. As a qualified official, he has represented the CAF at four Canadian national tournaments as a referee and was a line judge at three international competitions, including twice at the Pan Am Cup.  Throughout the pandemic he continues to participate in professional development opportunities ensuing to stay up to date with changes and procedures while working closely with the Regional Referee Chair. 
    2018 - 2020 Captain S.G. Stuart
    2011 - 2017 Mr. J. Plante
    2007 - 2010 Master Warrant Officer T. MacDonald                                                         
    Unknown - 2006 Master Corporal M. Gough
  • Lieutenant-General F.H. Allen

    Lieutenant-General F.H. Allen

    PATRON View Bio
    Lieutenant-General F.H. Allen
    2011 - present

    Lieutenant-General F.H. Allen


    I have been involved in CAF Volleyball since 1988, and over these thirty years, I have had the great honour of representing my Base, my Region and my country in regional, national and CISM competitions; and more recently as your Patron for Volleyball and a Board of Directors member for CISM. Being the CAF Patron for Volleyball is a privilege and has been a way for me to give back to the Volleyball sports community.
    I am a true believer in the value and benefits of sport in both our personal and professional lives.  Participating in a team sport, in particular, tests us and teaches us that the hard work of practice is needed for success in competition.  It teaches us how to experience loss, recover, improve and try again.  On a team there are always outstanding individuals, but the efforts of each player is needed, and thus must be valued, to win.  This directly translates into the skills critical to us as military professionals, as well as being an essential part of mental and physical well-being.  I encourage all of you to commit to these values as you participate in the great sport of ours – Volleyball!

    2008 - 2010 Brigadier-General J.C. Collins
    2000 - Unknown Brigadier-General D.L. Lucas
    1998 - Unknown Major-General L.C. Campbell 
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