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CAF Athletic Trainer Program Courses

The CAF Athletic Trainer Program (CAFATP) offers a variety of courses to CAF members and full time NPF employees to develop CAF – qualified athletic trainers through a graduated program that prepares them to support CAF athletes at all levels of sporting competitions. ​

CAFATP trainers are taught to recognize the nature and extent of injuries, provide primary first aid, apply specific and appropriate tapping/wrapping techniques, and adhere to provided guidelines. CAFATP courses are qualifications, not “certifications.” CAFATP trainers are NOT medically certified, unless the trainer is also a regulated health care provider. The qualifications provided by the CAFATP are only applicable when providing care to CAF personnel in a sanctioned CAF event.  
Course costs are the responsibility of the participants’ B/W/U unless otherwise stated in the Joining Instructions. If funding is not provided by your local Chain of Command funding opportunities may be available through your local PSP Base Sports Coordinator. 
It is expected that every participant will provide yearly sporting coverage at local and regional levels. Potential event coverage may include but is not limited to; badminton, ball hockey, basketball, curling, fencing, golf, grappling, hockey, running, slo-pitch, soccer, squash, swimming, taekwondo, triathlon, and volleyball. Dedicated CAFATP trainers can progress through the program levels and cover National and potentially CISM events when opportunities arise.