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Clearance Diver

Clearance Divers are highly trained Diving and Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists whose capabilities are applied at home and abroad in support of Mine Countermeasures Operations, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Improvised Explosive Device Disposal, Battle Damage Repair, and Force Protection.

There are two fitness evaluations for the Clearance Divers occupation:

  1. A selection standard for people who want to learn the trade, called the Clearance Divers Selection Physical Fitness Evaluation (CL DVR Selection PFE).
  2. The annual fitness maintenance standard for Clearance Divers is the FORCE Evaluation. Please visit that section of the website for its standards, protocols and policies.

To view information regarding the screening, the application and selection process, the training, the Clearance Divers Assessment Centre, and the CL DVR Selection PFE, please click here. 


Operations Manuals and Forms

The operation manual and DND form are currently under review.


Candidate Aide and Physical Fitness Program

The Clearance Diver’s Candidate Aide provides information on the performance readiness preparation program and a background description of the physical demands of the Clearance Divers and qualification course. The Clearance Divers 12 Week Physical Fitness Program is available here. Please contact your local PSP staff for guidance of the training program, it’s individualization to better reflect your needs and access to the mobile app version of the preparation program.