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Are you passionate about a particular sport, cultural activity or hobby? Join a club, join the organizing committee or start a new club in your community. 

Create a community club

Are you passionate about a particular sport, cultural activity or past time?

Start a Club through PSP’s Community Recreation Program and pursue a hobby you enjoy, meet people with similar interests, gain leadership experience and raise awareness about a cause you care about. One of the important principles of PSP’s Community Recreation Program is that an individual should not only be allowed to choose their leisure activities, but also be afforded the opportunity to participate in the planning, organization and operation of these activities.

PSP Community Recreation Departments are there to assist and guide you through the Start a Club process. 

Check your local military community by visiting the local clubs web page to see what activities are currently offered to ensure that no similar clubs already exist.

Complete the Start a Club checklist:

Step 1:  Contact the local PSP Manager Community Recreation, to arrange a meeting to discuss the creation of a new club or activity.
TIP: Review PSP Policy Manual Chapter 6-1 (Recreation), 6-2 (Recreation Clubs) prior to your meeting with the PSP Community Recreation Staff. 
Step 2: Define what activities will be included and/or delivered within your club
Step 3:  Define who the activities will be conducted for - is your club going to be open for children, youth and adults to participate? Or only certain age groups?
Step 4: Define where your activity will take place
Step 5: Think about safety and accident prevention - adhere to all local, provincial and federal public health guidance regarding COVID-19.
Step 6: Choose a name for your club
1. When proposing a name for your club name make sure it reflects the activity
2. When proposing a name for your club make sure it is inclusive and respectful.

Starting a recreation club in your community may seem like a daunting task. The process is a complex one and needs to be carefully planned if the club is to succeed in the long term.

PSP’s Community Recreation Team is here to help! 

Together you can work towards developing a viable club that will serve the needs of your community in the years to come.

Interested in starting a club, connect with your local PSP Community Recreation Program today!