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MFRC Emergency Child Care & Plans

An Emergency Child Care Plan speaks for you when you are not able to. It will assist your local Military Family Resource Centre and/or anyone else you’ve designated in the event of an emergency.

An up-to-date Emergency Child Care Plan lists the names and contact information of your preferred child care providers and can provide useful child care information. A completed Emergency Child Care Plan also provides detailed personal instructions about your child including medical information, bedtimes, bus-stop times and favourite foods, to minimize the stress placed on your child when you are not with them.

An Emergency Child Care Plan form may be available at your local Military Family Resource Centre. We encourage you to share your completed Emergency Child Care Plan with your preferred caregivers and your Military Family Resource Centre, so they are prepared to assist your family as quickly as possible in a time of emergency. If the caregivers you listed are unavailable, Military Family Resource Centre staff will use the information in your Emergency Child Care Plan file to ensure your child has excellent care.

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