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The SISIP Financial Advantage

Providing trusted financial products and services to Canadian Armed Forces Members, Veterans and their families.

Serving Those Who Serve

In keeping with our mandate and in close collaboration with the Chief of the Defence Staff, SISIP Financial has consistently kept pace with the ebb and flow of the operational tempo. Over 50 years weathering storms, international deployments and even an unprecedented pandemic, so that we can continue Serving those who serve. CAF community members trust SISIP Financial for expert advice and solutions across pensions, investing, insurance, spending, borrowing and more. We have solutions tailored to meet your needs and those of your family at every stage of your military career and beyond. 

The SISIP Financial Advantage 

Healthy finances

Embrace expert planning to meet your complex and unique military lifestyle.

Investments that serve you

Aim high to reach financial goals at every stage of your military career. 

Tailored protection

Mitigate risk with insurance customized for you and your family.

SISIP Gives Back

Regular businesses are designed to make profits for shareholders. Charities are designed to collect and spend donations. As part of the CFMWS social enterprise, SISIP Financial is something else entirely. You may already sense that something is different about our motivations and culture. 

Here's how we work for you:

When CAF members get their insurance and investments through SISIP Financial, we earn revenue just like any other financial institution.
Part of that revenue goes towards paying our operating expenses, such as the salaries of our financial professionals.
Any remaining revenue is invested in programs and services on bases and wings that support the strength of our members and the vibrancy of our community. Since 1996, SISIP Financial has contributed over $170M to these programs. 

The differences you'll notice

When you choose SISIP Financial, you’re helping yourself and also contributing to the wellbeing of your community. We put your interests first because we are a social enterprise that was created by the military, for the military.

Unbiased advice

  • You get advice from salaried professionals, not commissioned salespeople. Our recommendations are driven by our expertise and our desire to support your mental, physical, social and, of course, financial health. 

Better planning 

  • You can talk to us about all of your financial goals and concerns, whether they are big or small, near or far. We’ll help you build a plan that ties together your investments, insurance, spending and borrowing. 

Military grade 

  • Not only are we financial advisors, counsellors or planners, we are also members of your defence community. We understand the nuances and complexities, from monthly budgeting to retirement planning. 
SISIP Financial Employee

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In a very real sense, as with any social enterprise, you are the ultimate shareholders in SISIP Financial.
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