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Employee Force Rewards Program

PSP leads by example - We have some of the fittest fitness professionals in the industry!

Every year CFMWS fitness and reconditioning employees are required to complete the FORCE Evaluation, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) physical employment standard. Achieving Platinum is an honor reserved for the top 0.1% of the CAF. Leading by example is important in the eyes of the Canadian Armed Forces and we don’t disappoint. 

This year, 58 members of our team achieved Platinum:

Adam CommandeurJason BurkeRyan Veysey
Adrienne LemaJaven WeckwerthSabrina Brellisford
Alexandre Lévesque-AllaireJesse CassistaSamantha Prosser
Ashlyn KarosasJessica MoffatSamuel Grenier
Auty BrooksJosey YearleySarah Barber
Benoit FortinJulien Cholette-CousineauSaul Brown
Blair GrindeKathleen LaperleScott Paradis
Brandon Gaudette Kevin RoyShane Barnes
Brett MitchelmoreKiana DelandShelley Averay-Jones
Brooklyn MacDonaldLaura StevensonSophie Turcotte
Carly Anderson Louis-Philippe DoréSteve Ruttan
Chelsey TuckMarie-Michele MorissetteSusie Lajoie
Cody GervaisMarika GosselinTonija Skuja
D'Arcy Pelletier LauzonMary ThompsonTy Buchanan
Darris HardernMathieu DoucetTyler Vivian
Elliott RichardsonMelissa GreenVictor Caron-Clément
Emilie MoreauNatasha NeaveVincent Meunier
Fernanda FitzgibbonRachel GrieseZoé Grenon Girard
Geoff WinchesterRichard John StaufferRob Roos
Haley French
Mark Oxer
Kara Mazerolle
Jackie Clark

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