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Women's Basketball

women playing basketball


ATLANTIC REGION: October 2022, Gagetown
CANADA WEST REGION: 29 January - 3 February 2023, Edmonton    


N/A 2023

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2nd CISM World Military Basketball Championship 3X3, Lithuania 

SHAPE International Basketball Tournament, Belgium


  • Brigadier-General K.E. Osmond

    Brigadier-General K.E. Osmond

    PATRON View Bio
    Brigadier-General K.E. Osmond
    2018 - present

    Brigadier-General K.E. Osmond

    BGen Keith Osmond grew up in the small town of Pasadena, NL, yet he is anything but small (in stature). Standing 6’4” by age 14, his height quickly became an advantage on the basketball court. From grade nine on he played center and was known for being a team player who could use his size to set a mean pick. Early in his life he was recruited for his hometown’s basketball team, the Falcons. The BGen’s passion for the game made it easy for him to want to play through his childhood and then onto the college level at Grenfell Campus at Memorial University of Newfoundland. BGen Osmond joined the Canadian Armed Forces, Royal Newfoundland Regiment in 1987 as an Army Reservist and after transferring to the Regular Force started to play basketball for the CAF. He played ball from 1993 to 2005 and then again with Recreational Leagues in Ottawa during his postings in the National Capital Region. In 2014, while studying at the The Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy in Washington, DC, he held the title of Co-Captain for their Men’s basketball team. Throughout his fulfilling career in the Logistics Branch, BGen Osmond was honoured to command at every level from Platoon to Formation. He has worked across all Army Divisions, the Canadian Army Headquarters, and the Vice Chief of Defence Staff Group as well as both a United Nations Mission Headquarters and a NATO Corps HQ. During that time he has attended more than ten CAF Regional Basketball Tournaments and two Nationals. Those experiences reinforced the CAF’s ethos of comradery, teamwork and esprit de corps with members of all ranks involved in the sport.  He believes sports has contributed to his growth as a person, an officer and a leader. Col Osmond officially retired from Basketball in 2015. Today he enjoys participating in more leisurely sports and can be found launching golf balls into the woods, lifting weights, reading and enjoying time well spent with his family and attending his four children’s sporting activities. In 2017, BGen Osmond was appointment the Commander of 5th Canadian Division Support Group, Gagetown, and shortly thereafter was privileged to be selected as the Patron for the Women's basketball program. He takes his role as a CAF Patron very seriously and his responsibility to foster, promote and develop the sport is always near and dear to his heart.
    2017 Brigadier-General S.N. Clancy
  • Chief Warrant Officer M.A. Shillingford

    Chief Warrant Officer M.A. Shillingford

    CO-PATRON View Bio
    Chief Warrant Officer M.A. Shillingford
    2023 - present

    Chief Warrant Officer M.A. Shillingford

    CWO Marlene Shillingford is very honored to be selected as Co-Patron for the CISM Women’s Basketball team along with BGen Keith Osmond. Marlene has always been physically active since her youth. After fouling out of her last basketball game in grade 8, she knew that gymnastics and BMX were her calling. After the family moved to Newmarket, Ontario from Toronto, she competed in gymnastics at the York Region and Georgian Bay regionals, placing in both events. Her dad and fellow neighbors also built a BMX bike track and formed the Newmarket BMX Club. She became a stellar BMX’er at the age of 14 and by the time she reached her final year of racing in 1986, she had become the Club’s Top Racer and was awarded the Top Female Racer award while also receiving an Athletic Award for Gymnastics at her HS graduation.

    CWO Shillingford joined the CAF in 1986 and has always participated in intersection sports such as curling, baseball and golf; chaired two consecutive International Terry Fox Runs in Geilenkirchen, Germany and has continued to maintain her physical fitness. Whether obtaining the Aerobic Fitness Award scroll and seals or striving to beat the standard in Force Testing, she is committed to Military Ethos and Professionalism and has established a disciplined physical fitness regime that reinforces the importance of professional military standards. As the 2 Canadian Air Division CWO and at the ripe age of 55, she has maintained Gold in Force Testing. 

    At every opportunity, CWO Shillingford highlights the importance of CAF Sports and Fitness, whether that’s playing basketball or any of the various sports available to CAF members, she champions our personnel to be the best you can be to support your team. “It’s important not only for mental wellness and performance at work but more importantly, for maintaining one’s readiness to contribute to the mission.” She believes that CAF Sports/Fitness not only embodies our physical well-being but also the mental and social aspects of our health and CISM, the elite of the shaping of CAF Sports, stresses the importance of promoting friendship through Sport and provides our members the opportunity to represent our country on the world stage.

    CWO Shillingford adds, “from our team captain, “Athletes are the best team members” and you can carry that on into the workplace. CAF Sports and Fitness enforces teamwork, and a sense of belonging. So, take that back to your units and inspire others to be team members. Whether an officer or NCM, you can lead your team to success!”
    n/a n/a
  • Ms. A. Fehr

    Ms. A. Fehr

    Ms. A. Fehr
    2019 - present

    Ms. A. Fehr

    Amber Fehr is a level III official and is heavily involved in the basketball community. She has officiated at various levels, some of which include; University (USport), Canadian College Athletic Association(CCAA), gold medal games at CAF Regionals and Nationals, U17 girls Nationals, and high school (4A boys/girl provincials). Ms. Fehr is the PSP Sports Coordinator at Wainwright Garrison, in addition she currently holds the position which involves organizing and maintaining all administrative duties with the Alberta Basketball Officials Association (ABOA). As a member of the ABOA she has many strengths some of which are; organizing educational clinics, administering exams, policy, and strategic planning.  
    2015 - 2018 Mr. J. Branscombe   
    2013 - 2015 Captain P.D. Sullivan 
    2007 - 2011 Corporal J.L. Caron
  • Lieutenant-Colonel S. Harding

    Lieutenant-Colonel S. Harding

    Lieutenant-Colonel S. Harding

    Lieutenant-Colonel S. Harding

  • Major H. Smith

    Major H. Smith

    Major H. Smith
    2023 - Present

    Major H. Smith

    Originally from Kingston, ON, Maj Heather Smith is an Aerospace Engineering Officer currently posted to 418 Squadron in Comox, BC and is posted to 8 Wing Trenton this summer as the Training Flight Commander at Aerospace and Telecommunications Engineering Support Squadron (ATESS).

    Maj Smith has had a passion for basketball since she started playing at 8 years old, with the majority of her involvement as a player but also as a coach and referee. She played for the RMC Women’s Basketball Team from 2002-2006 and graduated with a bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. She has gone on to compete at all levels of the CAF Sports Program in various sports including basketball, hockey, running, triathlon, slopitch, and soccer. She has been recognized throughout her career with being awarded CAF Female Athlete of the Year, RCAF Female Athlete of the Year and CAF Team of the Year - women's hockey. Maj Smith has been a member and co-captain of the CISM Women’s Basketball team since it began in 2016 and competed in the 2nd CISM World Military Women's Basketball Championships in San Diego, USA. The highlight of her CISM basketball career was getting the opportunity to represent Canada and compete at the 2019 World Military Games in Wuhan, China. She is a strong believer in the CISM Motto "Friendship through Sport", and has made many of her long lasting friendships through participation on CAF sports teams. When she is not on the court or on the ice, she is usually found driving her two kids around to their sporting events, or spending time with her family, friends and dog.

    To find out more about the CISM Women’s Basketball Team, follow CISM Basketball Canada on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to reach out to Maj Heather Smith directly or contact your local base sports coordinator.