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Fitness Program for the Reserve

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Access individualized physical training for your unit to prepare for your annual FORCE Evaluation, and make your mark in CAF Sports including CISM, with 18 PSP fitness employees dedicated to fitness and wellness programs for CAF Reservists. 

PSP Training for Reservists 

Your PSP personal trainer is committed to your success. Here’s what your trainer will do for you: 

  • Deliver the CAF FORCE Evaluator course  
  • Help you set fitness goals and develop an individualized training program 
  • Ensure your FORCE Evaluation equipment is in proper working order and replace damaged equipment due to overuse. 
  • Administer your annual FORCE Evaluation 
  • Provide advice and assistance to use the Fitness Calculator and to optimize your workouts 
  • Deliver PSP program information for:, the Tactical Athlete User Clinic, Adventure Training, Orienteering, as well as Basic or Advanced Fitness Training Assistant (BFTA and AFTA). 

FORCE Rewards for Reservists

The FORCE Rewards Program is now open to all reservists. Take your fitness to the next level! Aim for Silver, Gold or Platinum in your annual FORCE evaluation and see how far you can go. 

CAF Sports 

Reservists play an important role in the long and rich tradition of excellence in sport in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Class A Reservists are eligible to participate in every aspect of the CAF Sports Program. This includes the CISM ProgramAuthorization to participate, including funding, must be received in writing at the Unit level from your CO, and meet all other eligibility requirements.
For more information on the CAF Sports Program, contact Denis Gaboury, Manager CAF Sports @ 613-995-7605 or by email: [email protected]For more information about the CAF Reservist Sports program, consult the Reservist Sports CANFORGEN (only accessible through DWAN).  

Bases in Support of Reservist Fitness by Unit