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Education in Prince Edward Island

Guide your way to a seamless school transition when you relocate your CAF family to Prince Edward Island. Start your school search as soon as you receive your posting notice. Prepare to register for school once your House Hunting Trip is complete.

Schools at a glance

Provincially funded schools for children 

        • English public schools (with French immersion option)
        • French-Language schools (if your child has rights to first-language French education) 
        • Home education 

Private schools are also an option.

Age groups

  • Kindergarten to Grade 6 – Elementary
  • Grades 7 to 9 – Intermediate 
  • Grades 10 to 12 – Senior High 

Grade groupings within schools vary from community to community.

Special Education Support

PEI offers an inclusive education environment. Special education resources are provided at the board level. 

Ease your transition from another province or school board by having the right documentation on hand.

  • Have professional assessments/diagnoses documentation ready
  • Include information on how the diagnosis directly affects your child’s learning
  • Provide your child’s existing Individual Education Plan (IEP), Individual Program Plan (IPP), or Individual Learning Plan (ILP)
  • Share past report cards and samples of school work

See the School Transition Portfolio in the MFS Education Resource Guide for more helpful information.

High School Graduation Requirements 

Secondary School in PEI includes grade 10, 11 and 12, made up of a selection of credit courses and includes a provincial exam for grade 11 Math. This exam makes up 25% of the student’s mark in the course.

Read about the high school graduation requirements in PEI depending on your pathway.

Virtual Learning Supports

Through an inter-provincial agreement, students in Prince Edward Island are funded to take online courses from the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Each semester Grade 11-12 students can access more than 30 distance learning English language courses and 20 French language courses.

Discover more learning supports in the MFS Education Resource Guide.

FAQs about schools in Prince Edward Island