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Bereavement & Grief

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Grief is an individual journey. Your needs and those of your family will be different and may change over time. That's why as long as you and your family need support from the CAF community, we will be there to assist.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recognizes the contribution of all military families in support of Canada, especially CAF personnel who have died while serving.

While access to some services may depend on your relationship to the deceased, wide-ranging support to assist your unique situation is available to you regardless of the circumstances of death.  

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Help right now

No one is ever prepared for the death of a loved one. In the immediate days and weeks following the death you probably received what felt like an overwhelming amount of information or you were left feeling underprepared for what comes next.
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Navigating the system

To help you during this difficult time, several organizations work seamlessly together to ensure you and your family get the support, information and services you need, when you need them.
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The HOPE Program

Helping Our Peers by Providing Empathy (HOPE) Offers continuous peer support and education on grief, to help bereaved military families to better understand the grief process and provides coping strategies. The program can help ease the isolation experienced after loss.
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Bereavement Resources

There are many resources available for you and your family. Check out these books, articles, guides and websites that may provide you with support and guidance as you grieve.
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