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Child Protection

Camp counselor instructing campers
PSP is committed to ensuring the safety of children in our care.

When children participate in recreational play, they develop physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. What they learn at play provides a strong foundation that will help prepare them for future life experiences. All recreation and sport programs have a responsibility to provide activities and environments where children feel safe, welcome, competent, connected, empowered and special.

Our recreation leaders, coaches and instructors must: 

  • Complete a Vulnerable Sector and reliability status; 
  • Never be left alone with one child. 
  • Use appropriate gestures for rewarding behavior, HIGH FIVE vs hugs 
  • Know how to recognize the signs of abuse 
  • Ensure all children are treated with respect, honesty, and trust; 
  • Recognize and accept children's individual needs and circumstances; 
  • Employ positive behavior-management methods; 
  • Help children value and celebrate diversity in the community; 
  • Consistently model appropriate behavior; and 
  • Be trained in all of the above.

Code of Conduct

PSP has developed the following Child Protection Code of Conduct to guide our employees/ volunteers in their interactions with children.

Supports Available to You

Are you or someone you know experiencing abuse? There is help.