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Dedication to CAF Sports Award

The Dedication to CAF Sports Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of an individual or group to the CAF Sports Program. This award recognizes individuals or groups who have gone above and beyond to provide time, effort and support to the promotion and development of CAF Sports.
2023Major Heath Robson

Major Kelly Debouter 

2022No ceremony held / No recipient   
2021Lieutenant-Colonel C. Bowen
Chief Petty Officer, 2nd class M. Tibbetts
2020Colonel J.L.G. Couture, Squash
Warrant Officer C.E. Killam, Basketball
Major M.J. Mueller, Running
Captain M.C.O'Keefe, Soccer
Rear-Admiral (Retired) J.A.S. Page, Soccer
2019No recipient
2018Corporal K. Cardinal, Hockey
Master Warrant Officer C. Harvey, Volleyball
2017Master Warrant Officer C. Duhamel, Broomball
2016Lieutenant-Colonel C. Marchetti, Basketball
Mr. D. Lyons, Hockey
2015Sergeant (Retired) G. Mooney, Basketball
Warrant Officer D. Oakie, Multi-sports
Lieutenant-Commander T. Zezza, Swimming and Lifesaving