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Parcel Service

Learn how to mail a letter or parcel to military personnel deployed on operations.

The Canadian Forces Postal Service (CFPS) helps you keep in touch with Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members deployed overseas. Use this service to send packages at domestic prices. 


The CFPS runs our corporate post offices to support CAF deployments and ships worldwide. CFPS personnel offer postal services and support to the Department of National Defence and the CAF. 


A Canadian Forces Post Office (CFPO) is a military post office run by the CFPS (either domestically or overseas) to offer postal services to personnel authorized to use CAF Mail. 


Accessing CFPS 

Accessing the CFPS will vary depending on the sender’s location.  Usually parcels and letters will be dropped off at an MFRC, CFPO / FMO, free of charge, or sent via Canada Post. 


A Fleet Mail Office (FMO) is a military post office run by the CFPS to offer postal services to Her Majesty’s Canadian Ships (HMCS).  The CFPS gathers mail either at the FMO in Halifax or Victoria. Each FMO is then responsible to sort and prepare the mail for shipment to the deployed ship. 


Who qualifies?  

People in Canada who are sending packages to CAF members deployed anywhere in the world, whether on land or at sea, can use the CFPS. CFPS mail can be sent through a Canadian Forces Post Office or a Fleet Mail Office to or by: 

  • CAF personnel stationed outside of Canada who are sending items back to people in Canada 

  • Family members of CAF personnel 

  • Civilians attached to the CAF 

Sending mail to members stationed outside of Canada 

To send mail outside of Canada using the CFPS, you need to use one of the addresses listed on CF Instructions for mailing overseas.  International customs requirements apply to all items shipped from Canada. You’ll need to complete a manual customs declaration form, at the post office. 


Unacceptable items 

Delivery standards are the same as for the domestic service used, from the point of origin to the: 

  • Belleville address 

  • Victoria FMO 

  • Halifax FMO  

Addressing Guidelines 

During the Holiday Season

Every year for the holiday season, Canada Post offers a free Christmas postal service. It starts around mid-October and goes to early January. You can send mail to your deployed loved ones free of charge from any Canada Post location.

Write to the Troops

If you would like to: 

  • write a general message for the troops; and/or
  • donate money 

Refer to the Write to the Troops website.

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