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Shape your next career move today. CareerCOACH+ offers personalized career coaching exclusively for military spouses/partners. 

CareerCOACH+ provides virtual and confidential career coaching, connecting military spouses/partners directly to a professional career coach for tailored support with career transition, development, and employment pursuits.

CareerCOACH+ gives you the power, autonomy, and flexibility to shape your career development, regardless of your career history, your career goals, or geographical location. Take advantage of personalized, individual career coaching along with digital resources and tools focused on the most significant areas of transitioning and developing your career in a new market or location.

Designed for military spouses/partners to assist with the disruption that can come with relocations, deployments and other aspects of military family lifestyle. 

Participants will also gain access to a digital learning lab, a wealth of resources and tools, for self-paced learning opportunities.


Receive up to five individual virtual sessions with a dedicated career coach. On your timeline, you choose the pace to connect that suits your priorities. Each session is up to an hour in length. Connect by phone, Zoom, or MS Teams. 


This program is offered to spouses/partners of Canadian Armed Forces members (Regular Force and Reserves).


Free for spouses/partners of Canadian Armed Forces members. 


To get started, fill out the registration form. The CareerCOACH+ client coordinator will begin the process to connect you with your career coach and you’ll gain access as well as grant you access to the digital learning lab self-directed resources and tools.

Military Spouse, Europe

"My first meeting with my coach was a real success! She quickly understood the stakes of my situation and asked me very well targeted questions to feed my reflection and help me in my job search process. The site is full of resources that I have not yet had time to explore, but I am delighted with my first contacts with this service, and I look forward to my next meeting with my coach!" 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Career Coaching?
    Career coaching is a personalized and professional service designed to assist individuals in managing and advancing their careers. You will connect directly with a career coach on a one-on-one basis to explore and navigate various aspects of your professional goals. The primary intent of career coaching is to help individuals make informed career decisions, set and achieve career-related goals, and overcome challenges in their professional journeys.
  • What are some of the topics covered in the CareerCOACH+ program?
    The CareerCOACH+ program covers a variety of topics, including but not limited to career exploration, assistance with employment search, resume & cover letter support, interview tactics, social media utilization, professional networking strategies and more. 

    You will determine your priorities and your sessions will focus on what’s most important to you.
  • What is the CareerCOACH+ Learning Lab?
    The CareerCOACH+ Learning Lab is a self-paced online learning and resource portal. Participants have access to modules relating to career development, growth and advancement, including topics such as what to expect when working with a career coach, preparing for interviews, upgrading their LinkedIn profiles, negotiating their next employment offer and much more. The CareerCOACH+ Learning Lab provides a wealth of resources, tools, information and videos tailored to every level of an individual's career journey. 
  • Who are the career coaches delivering this service?
    CareerCOACH+ is powered by CareerJoy, the largest independently owned boutique career and leadership organization in Canada.  Every career coach at CareerJoy is passionate about the world of careers, career coaching, and engaging with clients from diverse backgrounds. Each team member possesses pertinent post-secondary qualifications coupled with hands-on experience as a coach. With practical exposure to the professional realm, real-life problem-solving skills, and a genuine enthusiasm for individualized client interactions, CareerJoy coaches are well-equipped to guide and support you on your career journey.

    Moreover, CareerJoy has collaborated with Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services to ensure that every coach comprehensively understands the distinctive career challenges encountered by military spouses. Whether your family is navigating the stress of a potential posting or deployment, the CareerJoy coaches are here to help. 
  • Who is eligible?
    Spouses or partners of serving CAF members (both Regular Force and Reservists) worldwide are eligible. 

    Currently serving or Veteran CAF members are not eligible for this program. Support for Veterans and members can be found by visiting CAF Transition Group or Veterans Affairs Canada.
  • How many sessions can I receive?
    With every new posting, eligible military spouses or partners will be able to participate in a maximum of five 1-hour individual coaching sessions. 
  • How long is each session?
    Sessions are up to one hour in duration.
  • Where will my career coaching sessions take place?
    Sessions will take place virtually, by Zoom, MS Team or telephone.
  • When are the career coaches available to meet with me?
    Your first meeting with a career coach will typically take place within 5 to 10 business days of your registration.

    Career coaches will be able available during regular business hours (9am to 5pm) in all Canadian time zones. Special arrangements are available for spouses posted OUTCAN to accommodate time differences.
  • Are services offered in both official languages?
    Yes, all services are offered in both French and English.
  • Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my registration?
    For questions about your registration, please reach out to [email protected]