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Morale and Welfare Equipment Support

Man playing paintball
Each fiscal year CFMWS is allocated a fixed amount of public funding from Military Personnel Command (MPC) to support MW Equipment purchases for deployed missions.

It is CFMWS’ responsibility, through Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) Headquarters, to distribute that funding or initiate the procurement of MW equipment across all missions deployed, particularly CJOC Small Enduring Missions (SEM) that may not have resources in place to support. Requests typically vary across a full spectrum of fitness, sports and recreation equipment to include exercise machines, weights, team sports equipment for hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, electronic game systems and accessories, BBQs etc and a variety of other items to promote fitness, recreation and social interaction at deployed locations.

Task Force Commanders are encouraged to staff requests for MW Equipment through their respective CJOC J1 Desk Officer.