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SISIP Insurance Policies and Procedures

Insurance Policy: 

 Please note that in the case of conflict between insurance policies on this page and the insurance contracts (policies # 901102, # 901107 and # 906906), the terms of the English contracts will prevail.  The documents posted on this website are provided for reference purposes only and shall not be considered to be definitive.  

Claims Procedures: 

  • Life Claims (CAR, GOIP, IRM, MPRLIP, OGTI, RTIP, SIB) 
  • Disability Claims (LTD, SDP) 
  • Accidental Dismemberment Claims (ADIP) 

All completed claim forms are submitted to the Insurer, Manulife, responsible for the administration of claims :  

  SISIP Services Department
  2727 Joseph Howe Drive
  P.O. Box 1030
  Halifax, NS  B3J 2X5
  TEL: 1-800-565-0701      FAX: 902-453-7450 


SISIP Financial Head Office is notified of Canadian Armed Forces serving member casualties through official channels. Potential claimants or unit personnel, however, usually communicate the notification of a loss of a dependent child or spouse. Insured members should advise their dependents to contact Base or Unit authorities, their SISIP Financial Advisor, as quickly as possible so claims can be initiated without delay. When notified of a loss, SISIP Financial advises Manulife who mails the necessary claim forms and instructions for the submission of claims to the beneficiary(ies) on record.
Claim forms may also be obtained from SISIP Financial Advisors or from Manulife. The following, are documents normally required when filing a death claim: 

  • A SISIP Attending Physician's Statement (APS) Form; 
  • A Claimant's Statement Regarding Death; 
  • A death certificate, 

And  if applicable:

  • The marriage certificate of the beneficiary(ies), and  
  • A Long Form birth certificate of any dependent children. 

Upon the death of an insured member, the surviving insured spouse can continue their coverage as he/she becomes the deemed member.

Long Term Disability Claims (LTD)

Insured members filing for LTD benefits must complete the LTD Claim Package. A portion of this form is to be completed by the attending physician.
As of December 1, 1999 when a member is released medically, 3a, 3b, the DCSA (Director of Casualty Support and Administration) notifies us of your medical release. We will verify and inform Manulife claim office of your eligibility. If eligible, a claim form and APS (Attending Physician's Statement) will be sent to you by Manulife for your completion. Once it is received by Manulife and you have been accepted to the LTD program, a rehabilitation counsellor (if applicable) will contact you.
 A member released other than for medical reasons (3a, or 3b) thinking they may qualify as "totally disabled", may file a LTD/Res LTD claim with SISIP Financial prior to being released from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to expedite the gathering of supporting evidence and the processing of the claim. In all cases, SISIP Financial or the Insurer, Manulife, must receive a claim no later the 120 days after the CAF member's date of release for adjudication. If you qualify you may receive the LTD benefits up to age 65. Please note that you are responsible to submit your claim to SISIP.
 Note: the member does not need to be "medically released" to file a claim. A CAF member may initiate a claim if he/she feels that he/she may be eligible

Spousal Disability Plan (SDP)

For more information contact your SISIP Financial representative, or SISIP Financial Head Office/ Customer Service: 1-800-267-6681.

Accidental Dismemberment Claims (ADIP)

The CAF Accidental Dismemberment Insurance Plan provides a lump-sum benefit for the accidental dismemberment or loss of use which must be attributable to military service.
Please complete and sign SISIP Form 12E (Part 1— pages 1&2) and then have your attending physician complete SISIP Form 13E (Part 2—pages 1&2). Adobe Acrobat Reader® is necessary to view all forms.
Please note that you are responsible for any costs associated with the completion of the forms. Answer all questions fully. If there is insufficient space for your answers, you may use separate sheets with your name and Service Number, and attach them to the form.
Once the forms have been completed in their entirety, if available, please attach a copy of the completed form CF98 (Report on Injuries), which should be sent directly to Manulife at the address above. 



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