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CAFATP - Sports Taping: Level I

The purpose of this course is to deliver the basic knowledge and practical ability to provide effective support and injury management through taping in a sporting environment. 

Course Length 

2 days (theory/practical) with an 8:1 student-instructor ratio.

What You Will Learn 

This is a two-day lecture and practical course that is run in conjunction with the Introduction to Canadian Armed Forces Athletic Trainer Program (CAFATP) Course and is required for all CAFATP trainers prior to event coverage. Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of completion and be able to provide safe taping for a variety of injuries that are often found at sporting events.   

This practical course focuses on return to sports protocols and basic taping skills for common injuries that may occur at sporting events such as: ankle, plantar fasciitis, patellar tendon, thumb, wrist, and elbow taping.  


•    First Aid 
•    CPR / AED 
•    Safe Sport Training (recommended) 
•    Chain of Command support 
•    Introduction to CAFATP Course 
•    Passed annual fitness/FORCE evaluation (unless on MEL’s) 
•    Full time NPF employee or CAF Regular Force member Class B, C, A (in receipt of pay for the duration of the course). Members on any type of leave are not eligible for participation, this includes; vacation,  MATA/PATA leave, etc.   


The cost of materials and supplies is $50 / participant which may be covered by the members B/W/U. All cost associated with travel (TD, meals, etc.) are the responsibility of the participants B/W/U unless otherwise stated in the Joining Instructions. 


This qualification does not expire; therefore there is no requirement to requalify as long as regular event coverage is provided (a minimum of one event over a two-year period). This requirement may be waived if the participant has further training and provides similar regular treatment (e.g. physiotherapist, athletic therapist).  

Next Qualification 

•    Sport First Responder 
•   CAFATP Sport Taping – Level II 

How to Register 

Interested participants are to contact their Regional Head Trainer (RHT) and include the following information in their email:  
 •    Full name 
•    Rank 
•    Email Address 
•    Course (date & location if applicable) 
•    Base 
•    Unit 
•    SN/NPF number 
•    Chain of Command support 
•    Related Experience (optional)

What to Bring 

Students do not need to bring their own medical supplies to the course. They should bring; shorts, t-shirt/tank top, running shoes, socks, and flip flops.   

Become an Instructor 

CAFATP trainers who are confident and competent with the course material and are interested in becoming an instructor for Introduction to CAFATP and Sport Taping – Level I course should contact their Regional Head Trainer (RHT) to arrange the following:  
1)   Express their interest in becoming an instructor; 
2)   Identify the course they’d like to be an Instructor for; 
3)   Arrange to co-instruct the course with a qualified instructor; 
4)   If successful, arrange to solo instruct the course with supervision of a qualified instructor and be the OPI for organizing the course; 
5)   If successful, the participant is now qualified to instruct the course on their own.  

Instructor Requalification 

There is no expiration, provided the instructor teaches at least one course per year and provides regular event coverage (minimum 1 event per year). This requirement may be waived if the instructor is a RHT or provides similar treatment in their regular duties (eg. physiotherapist, athletic therapist). 
If unable to meet the requirements above then the instructor will be required to repeat the instructor qualification process.