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Out Service Request

As a separate component of the International Program, the Out Service competition process is designed to provide some support and assistance to help encourage high-level athletes that fall outside the parameters of the current CAF military sports structure. 

This process includes the approval and, when possible, financial assistance for athletes to attend competitions at a high level such as provincials, Canadian Nationals or international competitions in sports that are not offered in the current CAF Sports Program. Examples include sports such as cycling, ultra-marathon, and power-lifting.  

This process and coverage are outlined in the current policy outlined at CFAO 50-3 and has historically been used to approve sports that have a sport governing organization. In 2009, this policy was amended to include less mainstream sports and include “extreme sports and activities” such as mountain climbing, adventure racing or other activities that do not fall under the traditional sports model with a sport governing organization, and fall more in line with the changing interests of the younger generation of military members. 

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