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IXL Learning

IXL is personalized learning.


    • Provides learning support for Gr. K -12 in Math and Language Arts for Ontario Curriculum 
    • Learners can perform a diagnostic test to determine appropriate skills placement. This is used to create a personalized learning plan for the student. Questions presented to the student will be at the right difficulty to support skill development.
    • IXL provides examples and practice questions to reinforce skills that align with the curriculum at each grade level.
    • Learners can access support for programming in other counties (e.g. US, Britain, Ireland, Australia, etc..). Subjects other than Math and Language Arts are offered for some of these regions.



    • Resource is in English only
    • Canadian site resources are aligned with the Ontario curriculum.


Access to Service/Resource

    • Families can create an account through the IXL website


CAF specific usability    

    • CAF families may find that IXL is a helpful resource to support skill building as they transition to and from different school systems. Being able to program based on where the student is in their learning, regardless of grade, provides an ability to develop specific skills that might be lagging.

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