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Family Care Assistance

Lady helping two kids with homework
Designed to assist CAF single parents and service couples by offsetting increases in the normal costs for child care or attendant care when service requires you to be absent from home for 24 hours or longer.

Family Care Assistance is available if:

  • For service reasons, your absence is required for 24 hours or more from your family home;
  • You have a dependent who is 18 years of age or younger, or is 18 years of age or older but requires assistance due to a physical or mental disability and is not receiving a pension;
  • Partner or your spouse/common-law partner is also a Canadian Armed Forces member who will be away from their place of duty for service reasons at the same time.

You are entitled to be reimbursed for either the daily amount established by Treasury Board or the difference between the amount paid for dependent care during the absence and the amount normally paid for care, whichever is less.

Complete form DND 2269 and submit it to your unit orderly room. Be sure to include receipts for amount paid and the name, address and phone number of caregiver; as well as dates of employment.