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A Canadian Curriculum resource for Homeschooling families. Making learning fun and hassle-free!


    • Math, Language, Science, Social Studies for Canadian curriculum
    • Includes ON, BC, AB, MB, NS, SK curricula
    • Ready lessons for K-8 graders, designed by certified teachers. Access all core subjects from one place in a uniform format. Individual units and bundled programs are available.
    • Use Schoolio's Concierge service - the team is available to help customize the right unit, create a schedule and track your child's progress.
    • Schoolio offers a Social Emotional Learning Program - parents learn how to teach Social Emotional Learning in a 12 week program with guided lessons. 


      • English only


Access to Service/Resource


CAF specific usability    

    • Supportive team available to assist families plan learning - can plan by aligning with regional curriculum or by interest 
    • Create your own schedule or plan the full year


Disclaimer: The MFS Education Team is not responsible for the information and content from external sources.