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Helping the world learn, one student at a time. 


    • Supports Curriculum in Canadian, US, and British Curriculum
    • Covers Grades 3-12
    • The Learning and Recovery program measures and reports on student learning and provides instructional content. 
    • It includes hundreds of pre-made assessments to accurately determine where students are having difficulty and direct them to the lessons where the underlying concept is covered in greater detail.


    • English only
    • Not all Grades in all Provinces and Territories currently are available
    • Not all Grades in all US states currently are available


Access to Service/Resource

    • Discounted registration fee for CAF members: $25 for up to 10 courses
    • Dedicated CAF landing page can be accessed through CF One Appreciation Program


CAF specific usability    

    • A great resource for mobile families to access assessments tools which allow you to determine areas of focus in your current location. 
    • SOLARO provides a range of resources to assist leaners to reinforce new learning, review content, and assess/track their progress.


Disclaimer: The MFS Education Team is not responsible for the information and content from external sources.