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COVID-19 Emergency Family Care

Nurse checking up on child
Does your family need to care for a family member in an emergency situation?

Support for military families during Covid-19

In times of crisis, normal levels of support may not be enough.

As part of the Emergency Family Care Assistance (EFCA) Policy, we can provide military families with financial assistance to help offset costs associated with care of a family member.

Depending on the situation, you may need to cover the cost of services up front but you will be reimbursed. Reimbursements will be issued by either Military Family Services or your local MFRC, but not by both. There is no cost to military families for using these services.

A representative will guide you through a series of questions to assess your eligibility for support under the Emergency Family Care Assistance policy. If you qualify for support, they will provide you with more information as well as a local service provider. If you do not qualify, they will redirect you to other possible support services.

Program duration

The program is to help with the impacts of COVID 19 for both family needs and service delivery safety. The EFCA Policy was enacted to replace the Military Family Service Program Emergency Child Care Policy.