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A Guide to Working with Military Kids

Are you a teacher, a childcare provider, tutor, coach or a counsellor for kids? If so, we have a fantastic free resource full of useful information for everyone who works with military kids.

Children and youth from military families can be some of the most resilient kids out there. But they also face a number of unique challenges such as: 

  • Repeated relocation 
  • Absences of one or both parents due to work 
  • Parental deployments to volatile areas 
  • Unpredictable work hours for their parent(s) 
  • All of this can represent sources of stress that regular kids never have to worry about in their day-to-day lives.

What can you do?

It’s easy!
Read the  Guide to Working with Military Kids (and share it with others who also work with kids)!
We promise that after reading it, you’ll understand so much better the challenges that military kids face every day.  The valuable insight you’ll gain is sure to be useful in your work with any children and youth from military families in the future.

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